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Try a Random Test Generator with Access to Over 12,000 Textbooks

ExamView Is the best test question generator and it works in minutes

Are you a teacher who struggles to turn the lessons in your students’ textbooks into meaningful test questions that truly gauge how well they have learned the content you’re presenting in class? Are you spending way too much of your free time creating the perfect test that challenges your students while allowing them to shine? If so, have we got a solution for you: ExamView, powered by Echo360, is a content-rich random test question generator that allows you access to content from more than 65 publishers and more than 12,000 textbook titles. No matter what textbook you’re using, it’s likely we’ve got it for you.

What are the benefits of using a random test generator?

Imagine coming up with perfectly challenging, relevant assessment questions with the click of a button. The boost to your free time alone makes ExamView worth it. But there is so much more to appreciate about this test randomizer tool.

For one, you can be sure that the students are able to demonstrate their knowledge. The questions generated are designed by educational professionals who are experts in assessing student knowledge and understanding. The questions match the text you’ve been covering, so you know they are relevant.

And if you’re concerned that some of your students might be tempted to share answers, you don’t need to be with ExamView. You can instantly generate up to 26 different versions of the same exact test. If everyone’s Question 13 is different, there’s no point in trying to help each other by “sharing” answers.

ExamView is more than just a random test generator for summative assessments that come at the end of a unit or other period of time. With ExamView, you can generate study sheets or assignments that help students absorb and retain the information that they have read in their textbooks and discussed in class. The more times they experience the content in different ways, especially in hands-on ways like worksheets, the better they will remember it for when the final test day does arrive.

You can also use ExamView to create practice tests. Students can answer these using clickers that you provide or with their phones. This gives you immediate access to their answers so you can see what concepts they are understanding well and what concepts need a bit of extra work.

Our analytical tools are so powerful and specific, you can generate worksheets for individual students based on their answers to practice tests if only a handful of students are struggling with a concept here and there. On the other hand, if the majority of the class is having a hard time with a particular topic, you can devote an extra class period to clarifying the important concepts and ideas through further discussion. ExamView can help you throughout the entire teaching process, including final assessments.

How can I use a test randomizer in my classroom?

If you’d like to take back your free time and still generate the best tests you’ve ever provided your students, contact us today. We’d be happy to provide you with a demonstration of ExamView and all of its features. Since it was built on our e³ philosophy, which is based on equity, engagement, and evidence, you can be assured it will meet all your test prep, assessment, and analytical needs.