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VIDEO MANAGEMENT Software That Works the Way Instructors Do

Instructors naturally want to help their learners however they can, and modern technology is opening up bold new possibilities on that front. Lecture capture allows instructors to easily transform lectures into videos that learners can rewatch, rewind, and fast-forward, enhancing the learning process. Instructors can also add content such as multimedia elements to each video to make the material more interactive than it originally was in the classroom. The result is a powerful classroom tool that’s great for learners who missed a lecture, those with learning differences, and anybody who’s struggled to absorb all of the information presented during a lecture. 



Naturally, your organization’s lecture recordings will only be as good as the software you use to capture them. An average capture solution will allow you to record video but may place limitations on your ability to do so. For instance, you might only be able to record in places with Wi-Fi access. A subpar capture system may also lack simple yet powerful editing tools, meaning that the raw video you is about the only thing you can offer learners unless you’re an editing whiz. You may not get much for customer support either.

That’s why the educational experts at Echo360 take lecture capture to the next level with EchoVideo: A video content management platform designed to create a holistic learning engagement experience. We believe that EchoVideo is the best lecture capture software available today, and it only becomes better when combined with other Echosystem products like EchoExam, Knowbly, and PointSolutions. Continue reading to learn more about the capabilities of our software and how technology is revolutionizing the teaching process! 

Lecture Capture

What are the benefits of lecture recordings?

Lecture capture provides many benefits to learners in a variety of circumstances. First, it may prove helpful to define what lecture capture is. Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in the classroom and make it available digitally. 


Even basic recordings provide benefits to learners. The typical classroom environment features lectures that could be described as information dumps, forcing learners to scramble to keep up with their note-taking. If they know that they can revisit the content later on, they may feel less pressure to take notes and more able to focus on the content, thereby developing a deeper understanding of the content. 


Similarly, learners occasionally have a legitimate reason to miss a lecture. Lecture capture ensures that they won’t miss a beat since they don’t have to rely on a classmate to take adequate notes. Instead, they can watch the entire lecture just as if they attended in person. Everything they need to know will be available in the recording. Plus, digital notes can be time-synced to a recorded lecture, ensuring they’re in proper context when learners go back for review. 


Lecture capture also encourages independent learning. If a learner doesn’t understand all of the content presented in class, they can first review the recorded lecture instead of immediately turning to their instructor for assistance. Doing so helps learners develop the self-confidence needed to study at a high level independently while giving instructors more time to focus on those who do need more help. 


Lecture capture has the potential to offer other benefits as well, but the capabilities of the software used dictate whether learners will realize them. That’s why Echo360 is so useful.


What features should I be looking for in lecture capture software?

Easy recording is a top priority when it comes to in-classroom lecture capture functionality, but a great system can offer so much more than that. Below, we’ve highlighted eight features you should look for: 



#1: Foolproof lecture recording

Nothing feels worse than thinking you’ve captured a fantastic video only to discover that your camera malfunctioned in the middle of your lecture. EchoVideo hardware is up to 10 times more reliable than a personal computer with traditional capture software, so technology snafus are rare. You can choose from rack-mountable and tabletop hardware options, both of which are easy to deploy and use. 


Should something go awry, EchoVideo supports smart input fallback. That means that if a camera goes down in the middle of recording, our software automatically switches to another camera so you don’t lose anything. For example, you’ll automatically switch to your classroom camera if your webcam goes down. Furthermore, EchoVideo’s Universal Capture functionality helps you troubleshoot any issues in real time without distracting learners. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  


#2: Live streaming capabilities

If your organization has remote learners or a blend of online and in-person instruction, you’ll appreciate EchoVideo’s live lecture capture capabilities. Lectures can be broadcast live on your site, with all video presentations, discussions, and polling available to learners no matter where they are. Your lecture will be added to your library of on-demand recordings when you’re finished, providing the same level of flexibility your learners get from lecture capture in the classroom. 

EchoVideo also offers adaptive bitrate HLS: The easiest, most reliable way to facilitate ad hoc live streaming in HD using any recording device. You can schedule recordings in advance if you want to, but it’s nice to know that you don’t have to. Live streaming has never been easier.

#3: Easy editing and splicing of recorded lectures

If you capture a lecture using some software solutions, you might not be able to edit the resulting video much or at all. Alternatively, editing may require complicated tools that only professional editors are likely to get anything out of. Either way, your learners won’t receive the content they deserve.  


EchoVideo turns this paradigm on its head with editing capabilities you can use regardless of your abilities. You’ll have a straightforward visual timeline of your video, allowing you to insert content wherever it makes sense, directly in your browser. For example, you could embed a separate video during a recording to provide more detail on the topic discussed or splice an infographic over your video while recorded audio continues to play. These easy editing features help EchoVideo stand out in the lecture capture space. 

Easy Editing EchoVideo

Better yet, all of these editing capabilities are accessible in your video library for maximum convenience. Any changes you make will be saved automatically, with affected video updating without any further effort on your part. With editing capabilities like this, recording lectures is only the beginning of what you can do to increase engagement.  


Mobile Friendly EchoVideo

#4: Mobile-friendly video

Instruction doesn’t just take place in the classroom any longer. Learners increasingly expect to be able to access content on their mobile devices at any time, meaning that any video created through lecture capture has to look great on mobile.  


Fortunately, EchoVideo is up to the task. The included video player is responsive, automatically adjusting the screen size and features used based on the device accessing it, ensuring that all learners receive a great experience. Users can toggle between video feeds and respond to activities such as poll questions. If a learner wants to review management initiatives during lunch or complete compliance training during the ride home from work, EchoVideo makes it possible.  

#5: An offline capture system

At Echo360, we believe that instructors should be able to capture a video whenever inspiration strikes them. Instructors aren’t always connected to the internet, however, which means that a great lecture capture tool needs some kind of offline mode. EchoVideo’s is called remote recording and it allows instructors to record content at any time, anywhere, whether there’s an internet connection or not. The video will be published as soon as an internet connection is established, with frequent upload indicators to keep you abreast of its progress. 

Alternatively, you can use remote recording to hold a video until you’re ready to publish it. Perhaps you want to save it to your video library first, or maybe you want to add some pizzazz with the editing tool before learners see it. The power is in your hands. 

Offline Capture EchoVideo

#6: More accessible video

There are many different learning styles, and lectures aren’t always the best fit for learners. EchoVideo addresses this through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology that creates transcriptions of video content that can be made available to students


If that isn’t enough, EchoVideo can transform those transcripts into compliant captions with one of many different captioning services. We make video more accessible to everyone. 

Speaking of compliance, EchoVideo meets or exceeds all WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 guidelines, ensuring accessibility for learners with learning differences, disabilities, or sensory impairments. EchoVideo is the best way to ensure that all learners can access the content they need.

#7: Powerful integrations

Most instructors have educational materials they trust, and adding lecture capture capabilities shouldn’t change that. Luckily, EchoVideo integrates with many other services so they can continue using them. For instance, integration with cloud-based services such as Dropbox and Google Drive makes it easy to ingest your favorite videos and add them to your video library. Similarly, EchoVideo offers seamless integration with services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams to enhance lectures. You can even import content into your learning management system (LMS) or learning experience platform (LXP) of choice for easy viewing.  


If EchoVideo doesn’t natively integrate with something you want to use, no problem. With robust xAPI (application programming interface) capabilities, you can connect with nearly any system you can think of. EchoVideo also boasts learning tools interoperability configurations for many systems, helping instructors move seamlessly from one tool to another with minimal effort. The result is an integrated ecosystem dedicated to educational progress. 


Naturally, EchoVideo can be combined with other Echosystem solutions as well. For instance, Knowbly is a course creation tool that makes good use of EchoVideo’s video management features to enhance courses. PointSolutions is polling software allowing learners to respond to questions embedded in videos. EchoEngage helps instructors and admins manage all of their videos. Each is a powerful tool independently, but they’re truly special when you combine their capabilities.  


Easy Analytics

#8: Useful analytics tools

Lecture capture technology is one thing, but how do instructors know whether their learners are taking full advantage of the content? EchoVideo tracks metrics for all media, including viewing and engagement data, total video views, poll responses, and individual performance on quizzes. This information is available directly within EchoVideo or for export to an LMS. Configurable analytics are adaptable to any instructional method or class type as well. 


Admins also get a suite of analytics with EchoVideo. They can see cloud platforms and in-person capture components for a complete view of their environment. Proactive alerts highlight any potential issues with the recording schedule before it becomes a problem, and there is no limit to how much content can be stored in the cloud.  

EchoVideo is the perfect capture solution for any organization

Lecture capture is rapidly becoming an essential teaching tool for university professors and enterprise organizations. It gives learners more control over how they access content, streamlines the review process, and demonstrates that instructors want to see them succeed. Lecture capture also helps many instructors make video content, especially if they aren’t proficient in technology.  


The trick is finding a lecture capture tool combining the video production capabilities you need with the other features you want, and EchoVideo is an ideal choice. You can effortlessly edit content in your video library, create recordings online or off, transcribe video content easily, and more. Echo360 provides outstanding customer support as well, so help is available whenever you need it. 


If you would like to learn more about EchoVideo or the rest of the Echosystem, we encourage you to request more information today. There is no better way to discover how technology could revolutionize your classroom.  


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