How Video Enhances Corporate Training and Improves Learning

All companies are facing increasingly stiff competition to hire new employees while retaining their best talent, and an effective video training strategy can go a long way toward helping your organization stand out. Of course, deciding to incorporate video into your corporate training materials and actually doing so can be completely different things. Videos are a fantastic training tool if implemented correctly, but ineffective content will cause employees to tune out quickly. You have to get training videos right the first time. 

Fortunately, Echo360 can help you successfully implement corporate training videos at all levels of your workplace. EchoVideo is a dedicated video management platform designed to create a holistic learning engagement experience for employees and administrators alike. It’s predicated on our proven e3 philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to power remote learning for everyone, everywhere. Please continue reading to learn more about the benefits corporate training videos can offer your company! 


What are corporate training videos and why are they the best way to facilitate learning?

Corporate training videos can be defined as any video content designed to train employees or educate a target audience on company policies and procedures. A training video might also get into best practices in the workplace whether the tips are provided by management or crowdsourced from more experienced employees. Most importantly, training videos always combine audio and visual content to engage employees.


All employees are capable of learning, but each employee learns differently. Video is an accessible means of making training accessible to all types of learners. For example, recording lectures for aural learners is a great way for them to hear the information while seeing your organization’s data entry system on a screen will help visual learners follow along. When you have EchoVideo, you can even create poll questions to promote interactivity in your training videos, incentivizing employees to pay more attention during presentations. 

The key is making sure that your videos are worth the time you’re asking team members to put into them. If you consistently field the same questions following training, videos preemptively addressing them will add a lot of value to your content. Likewise, try to create training content with the role of each employee in mind. Your sales team could potentially get a lot out of a video on generating leads, but your administrative assistant probably wouldn’t find it as appealing based on their specific responsibilities at your company.


The rest of this article will highlight some of the specific reasons why videos are an essential component of any corporate training program and how EchoVideo can help you get the most out of your video content.

Video training increases engagement

Have you ever heard anybody say, “Why should I read the book when I can simply watch the movie”? Books often offer a richer story than what even the best directors can cram into a two-hour movie, but readers only get that information through text. A movie on the big screen adds visual elements like what clothes the characters are wearing and what the background looks like, allowing them to deliver a superior experience even if the underlying story isn’t as good. 


If you’re distributing training content with a ton of text to your employees, you’re giving them the book. They might technically have all of the information they need, but chances are they won’t be able to absorb as much of it as you might expect. Adding video content to your training stimulates more senses, helping employees connect what they’re learning to their performance on the job. A great video also provides a hands-on example for workers to follow, making training as a whole feel less abstract. The result is giving your employees a training movie, placing information within its proper context to promote engagement and learning. 


Videos promote employee engagement in other ways as well. For example, employees enjoy being able to choose when, where, and how they interact with training content. Limiting training to in-person meetings at the workplace feels like a chore, hurting engagement. Tools such as EchoVideo increase employee engagement by allowing employees to choose where they want to watch training content, which screen they watch it on, and even when they want to go back and review something. This is often called just-in-time learning and makes a significant impact on what an employee gets out of training.


EchoVideo videos look great on the smaller screen of a mobile device too, allowing team members to engage with them on their terms. Competing mobile apps often offer limited functionality, meaning that the mobile experience is a bad one even if a video is technically mobile-friendly. 


Similarly, it can feel frustrating when you know the content you want is buried somewhere in a video but you cannot seem to find it. EchoVideo offers Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) capabilities and syncs with top captioning technologies. You’ll get both captions and a searchable database of information, allowing employees to quickly find whatever they might need to look up. That means more time learning and less time getting mad at the world. 


If your company handles training through live meetings, videos can even serve as a classroom discussion generator. For instance, embedding a poll to check comprehension after an important piece of video content could stimulate class discussion as everyone collaborates to find the correct answer. It can also let instructors know when an employee might be falling behind their colleagues. 


Video adds personality to training

Did you ever read an academic textbook or an encyclopedia and comment to yourself about how imaginative the writing was? Likely not. Academic text is designed to convey the facts and nothing more, making it a dry experience unless you are extremely interested in the subject matter. This typically isn’t the case for training, making it your responsibility as a training content creator to jazz things up a little. Corporate training videos are no exception. 


One of the most obvious ways to do this is to choose a charismatic trainer and record a live lecture, allowing the instructor to use their natural personality to enhance the learning process. If your company could use more charisma, try adding some humor and anecdotes to your training videos to better command audience attention. For example, you could share a humorous story about what happened before you started video training to get employees to buy into your videos. 


It might seem corny, but bad jokes also have their place in training videos. If you make really bad puns while you’re filming a video, they might prove so memorable that they become water cooler talk throughout your company. That means that your training content will always be at the forefront of your team’s mind, achieving your goal of facilitating the learning process. It may also give your employees a shared experience to bond over, improving company cohesion. 


EchoVideo offers Universal Capture capabilities, allowing instructors to capture videos online and off for maximal flexibility. Furthermore, EchoVideo provides troubleshooting capabilities to ensure that you never lose a video mid-recording. Intuitive editing tools are also available to help you eliminate dead time from your training videos, ensuring that every minute promotes learning. In short, our video content management platform makes it easy to share your personality with every viewer. 


Training video saves time and money

Many companies rely on instructor-led training (or ILT) for their training needs, and many employees are comfortable with that model because it’s reminiscent of the traditional classroom they attended in school. Unfortunately, familiarity doesn’t lead to efficient training. Your company will be paying employees not to work, hurting productivity without saving you any money. It may also be a hassle for your workers to travel to off-site training seminars, especially if you have a remote workforce that isn’t accustomed to heading to the office every day. Forcing employees to attend in-person training could even hinder your organization’s efforts to attract and retain top talent. 


Some companies have shifted to virtual instructor-led training (or VILT) to solve these problems, but that’s a temporary fix at best. You’re still paying an instructor every time someone needs training. You’re still asking employees to plan their schedule around live training seminars even if they can be attended online. Each employee is forced through standardized training instead of focusing on skills necessary for their current role or a promotion they’ve been eyeing, frequently causing disengagement and preventing learning. 


Corporate training videos provide an easy solution to nearly all of these challenges. Once you make a video, you can keep using it again and again instead of paying an instructor to host a training seminar. You can give your employees a choice of videos to watch, allowing them to focus exclusively on subjects that can help them reach their career goals. Updating video content is easy on a platform like EchoVideo, so you won’t have to create something new every time regulations change or you implement a new training policy. 


Videos can even help your company’s administrators better organize your training content. For instance, EchoVideo can recommend videos to employees based on the content they’ve previously engaged with so you won’t have to manually chase anyone down to watch the new video on compliance training. Seeing videos pop up in their queue may also inspire employees to take learning more seriously, giving your company the benefit of a workforce that’s actively seeking out upskilling and reskilling opportunities. If you can make videos that contribute to a continuous organizational culture of learning, you’ll be well ahead of the game.


Videos help stakeholders track learner progress

We would all like to believe that an organization’s stakeholders are willing to invest in employee learning for the sake of learning, but that just isn’t true. The C-suite wants evidence that their training expenditures are paying off in the form of improved productivity, superior compliance, reduced costs, or the development of new products and services. Instructor-led training generally culminates in a survey asking if employees got anything out of it, but that provides anecdotal evidence with no data behind it. 


In contrast, training videos deliver a ton of data attesting to the efficacy of a corporate training initiative. A platform like EchoVideo includes an admin dashboard that shows you who is watching what and how long they spend watching each video with a single click, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to which videos are effective and which might need some refining. You could also embed polls into your training videos to check for comprehension, allowing any laggards to be identified and addressed before they give up on learning entirely. Video even promotes equity in training by ensuring that all workers enjoy equal access to the content you create. 


Data is only good if it tells a story, and EchoVideo makes it easy to act on all of the evidence you’re collecting. Advanced visualization tools will help you make strong decisions backed by analytics. If you prefer, you can export information to your learning management system (or LMS) of choice and analyze it that way. You can even let your team members see how they are faring and allow them to self-correct whenever needed. 


EchoVideo can help you deliver corporate training more effectively

Videos should be an essential component of any corporate training strategy because they stimulate multiple senses, activating multimodal learning to create positive training outcomes. Videos promote equity by making training accessible to all, providing stakeholders with the evidence they need to make effective decisions, and encouraging engagement throughout an organization. 



That said, videos have to be implemented correctly to deliver the best possible impact. EchoVideo allows workers to access training on their favorite mobile devices and search for anything specific they need help with, facilitating learning in a way that few others can claim. It also allows admins to automate video recommendations and monitor employee progress with ease.


You don’t have to take our word for it though. We are so confident that EchoVideo is the best way to deliver corporate training that we invite you to request more information today. It’s the first step toward providing your team with the training it deserves! 


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Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

Let’s talk more to find the right solution for you.


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