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Employee Training: The Secret of Employee Retention in Healthcare

Employee turnover can cost your organization a lot of money, contribute to the burnout of your existing employees, and lead to undesirable patient outcomes. If your organization is struggling with healthcare employee retention, you’re not alone. According to a Leaders for Today survey, 37 percent of healthcare professionals plan to leave their current employer within the next two years while 68.6% plan to do so in five. Luckily, the same survey reveals what to do about it. Career advancement was the lowest-ranked parameter among healthcare workers, meaning that investing in an upskilling/reskilling program could improve employee retention in healthcare. Furthermore, an inability to learn and develop new skills was the second-lowest parameter, suggesting that training and continuing education are the keys to keeping your best employees.

We are Turning, and we are specialists in the fields of education and training. Our e³ philosophy transforms passive learning into active experiences that help learners of all ages and ability levels pursue their goals. Our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is a big piece of that because it embodies the three words that comprise our philosophy: equity, evidence, and engagement. Keep reading to learn more about how to leverage employee training and Dojo360 to promote employee retention in healthcare.

How Can an Effective Onboarding Campaign Improve Employee Retention in Healthcare?

If a new hire feels unqualified for their position or can’t seem to connect with their new colleagues, they are likely to leave their position quickly. Dojo360 allows instructors to bring your employee training manual to life with the complete Dojo library of photos, videos, and graphical assets to help your team member feel invested in everything from your organization’s culture to how to use your data entry systems. You can also create courses that can be delivered in-person, remotely, and on-demand to ensure equity in training.

First days can feel intimidating, so why not set up a mentorship program so your new hire has somebody to ask for advice? Dojo360 includes communication tools like video chat and live messaging so that you can introduce new employees to the rest of the team before they step into the office. Virtual meeting rooms are also available to facilitate one-on-one meetings between new employees and their more experienced colleagues.

Real-time assessments will alert you if fresh team members are struggling with anything, giving you the evidence you need to provide targeted support. Team members can even provide feedback on their training, helping them feel like contributing members of your organization while also helping you fine-tune any areas that they felt were lacking.

How Can Upskilling and Reskilling Opportunities Improve Employee Retention in Healthcare?

Upskilling means developing an employee’s skills to the point that they are ready for a promotion in their current line of work, while reskilling means a brand new career path. Both terms can be applied to employees interested in career advancement, one of the biggest reasons that employee retention in healthcare is so low. Dojo360 allows for the creation of personalized learning paths that allow team members to pursue whatever courses most appeal to them. A nurse could take management courses in hopes of becoming a lead nurse, or someone in the sanitation department could start working toward becoming a physician’s assistant.

Managing all of these different courses could be a nightmare… unless you’re using Dojo360. Not only does our platform make it easy to create and edit courses, but it also provides an intuitive admin dashboard that shows you who is taking what at a glance. If you already have content on an LMS or Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you can still use it on Dojo360. Instructors can also freely share courses to ensure that your organization’s branding is consistent throughout.

Most importantly, Dojo360 is designed to promote engagement. Inline quizzes can be used to break up big blocks of information to make them easier to digest, gamification elements foster teamwork and friendly competition, and training materials are available on-demand to give learners ownership of when they learn. The possibilities are endless.

What Else Can I Do to Boost Healthcare Employee Retention?

Your team doesn’t want you to play favorites, so equity in continuing education opportunities is a must. Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring that all team members have the same training opportunities. Now that you know that employee training is one of the best employee retention strategies in healthcare, choose Dojo360 and empower your team to succeed!