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Custom Employee Training Motivates and Engages

By now, you probably know that leading organizations across industries are investing in employee development and online training to improve workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. What you may not realize is that the wrong training is often worse than not offering training at all. Your employees are individuals with unique skill sets and goals. Pushing them into generic or unnecessary training sessions will only hurt morale and inspire them to seek work elsewhere. 


Employees value their time and you should, too. Don’t invest your employees’ futures — or your organization’s — in mediocre training. 



You don’t just need only a training program. You need a custom training program empowering employees to develop the skills they need for their current roles plus the knowledge needed to pursue their dreams. Your employees need to control when and where they access training content and bridge the gap between theoretical information and its practical applications at work. The educational experts at Echo360 have leveraged the e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to bring online and hybrid learning to the next level. Please continue reading to learn more about the Echosystem and how our suite of learning engagement tools can streamline all of your organization’s training needs. 

What training content do your employees need?

The first step toward creating a custom learning strategy is identifying what types of training your employees need. Some training should be company-wide, such as your corporate values and learning to use key tools to perform top-quality work. Others are specific to departments, such as sales training for the salespeople your organization relies on to drive revenue or onboarding for new employees. An individual employee may also need special training for HR topics or to familiarize themselves with digital tools to build competency. 


An online employee training platform needs to make it easy to create training courses and enroll employees in them. The Echosystem makes this easy. EchoAuthor, our intuitive course development offering, guides users through the creation process step-by-step, helping even novice instructors upload presentations and other multimedia elements to bring training to life. EchoVideo’s video content management capabilities can capture videos while automatically navigating issues in real time (like a camera that goes down) to avoid lost recordings, so adding live content to custom training courses is a snap.


When classes are ready, enrolling learners in the training they need is as easy as dragging them from a master list and dropping them into individual courses. With EchoEngage, you can enroll learners individually or by group, easing the administrative work typically associated with eLearning. Your admins will also have a virtual dashboard showing them who is training for what at a glance.

Custom learning is essential for employee development

Creating custom content is important, but training becomes a chore if your employees feel obligated to do it. Even the best content won’t contribute to development if your workers don’t want to be doing it. Be honest: did you always get something out of completing homework assignments as a kid? Sometimes, you just do it because you had to.

Custom training allows employees to concentrate exclusively on what will either directly help them in their current roles or upskill them for future opportunities. It gives employees more agency in choosing what they want to learn, when they spend time training, and how they engage with the content you provide. The result is engaged learners who aren’t training because they have to but because they want to. That’s a recipe for more productive employees who can make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. 

What online employee training features promote personalized learning?

Truly customized training puts the learner’s needs first. If you must first hire an instructor, rent a classroom, and give most of your workforce time off to attend in-person training, your training is inefficient at best and counterproductive at worst. 


An organization could instead turn to eLearning. The Echosystem allows for comprehensive training that is online, always available, and adaptive. Our tools offer integration with LMS solutions as well. Use them standalone or integrate them with an LMS to improve the content and features you deliver.


Here are five essential features you should look for in any personalized training platform: 


1. Personalized learning paths

Many organizations provide a lot of training paths and options, and asking your employees to sort through them all is a surefire way to lose their interest. EchoEngage lets admins choose who can see what, so your employees will only see content that might be of use to them. 


EchoEngage enables instructors to create personalized learning paths so learners get all of the information they need. For example, you can automatically enroll all new hires in an onboarding program or set up safety training to ensure your organization remains compliant with government regulations. Better yet, we allow employees to take the initiative with recommended courses based on the training they’ve completed in the past. Adaptive learning is a better, more natural path for employees to seek out what motivates and interests them, strengthening the power of your team.

2. On-demand training

One of the best aspects of eLearning is that it allows employees to learn at their preferred pace, and the Echosystem allows you to take full advantage. Content is accessible and runs smoothly on mobile devices, allowing workers to learn whenever they have a spare moment. 


Many businesses use synchronous classes to assist in training delivery, but not all employees will be able to attend at the prescribed time. With EchoVideo, your people can play back live classes on-demand to ensure that everyone enjoys equity in access to training materials. Attendees can go back for a refresher, while asynchronous learners can quickly catch up. Your employees can also take advantage of just-in-time learning to get those refreshers right where they need them as they sit in front of a new software or piece of equipment. 

3. Competition encourages employee development

Many employees learn best in an environment with friendly competition, something that Echosystem solutions like EchoEngage facilitate. Gamification elements like live leaderboards and badges foster motivation while bringing your employees together as a team. Social features encourage camaraderie as well. 


Live breakout rooms facilitate role-play exercises between colleagues, allowing employees to handle mock sales calls or quiz each other on safety protocols without risking customer relationships. Instructors can pop in and out of each group, keeping employees on task while still giving them some independence in how they approach training. 


4. Assessments accurately measure training

Your organization’s stakeholders will want to measure the impact custom training is having on your revenues, and that means collecting analytics on every employee. EchoExam allows instructors to automatically generate up to 26 versions of a test, reducing answer sharing while ensuring everyone has an equal chance to succeed. Bimodal functionality also allows instructors to quickly switch between question types to adjust an exam’s difficulty. 


Admin dashboards in Echosystem tools also provide evidence of who is excelling and who might need extra support to reach their training goals. With EchoEngage, your employees can even send a confidential note to their instructor if they feel they may be falling behind their peers. Of course, data doesn’t only benefit trainees. Instructors can also receive real-time and post-course feedback on how to make training more effective. 

5. Equitable training opportunities

The Echosystem strives to meet or exceed all WCAG 2.0 guidelines to help all employees enjoy equity in their access to training materials. For example, EchoVideo incorporates Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to transcribe video content. This is editable, searchable, and compatible with captioning solutions. Not only does this facilitate multisensory learning by allowing employees to read along with what they’re hearing, but it also ensures that employees with hearing impairments can still use training videos. 


Content is highly accessible as well. Live polls in various Echosystem tools can be answered on mobile devices or internet browsers for maximal flexibility. Training content is available using nothing more than a standard computer, too. 

Your custom employee training program

Corporate training once embraced a one-size-fits-all approach that did little for employees or administrators, but those days are firmly in the history books. Today’s employees expect a training program facilitating learning what and when they want to. Most of this training is delivered best via eLearning, so you’ll need a fantastic online platform to help you administer your custom program. 


The experts at Echo360 created a suite of tools for engaged learning made easy, and you can contact us for a demonstration right now to see how easy and effective training can be. We’re confident that you’ll agree our learning engagement platforms, assessment tools, authoring software, and lecture capture tools are the best available today! 

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Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

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Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

Let’s talk more to find the right solution for you.


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Question Types

With over 14 different question types, you can match the assessment to the material at hand. Use traditional test question types such as true/false, multiple-choice, multiple response, numeric response, matching, completion, short answer and essay to review, re-teach and reinforce learning.

Reporting & Analytics

Ensuring that learners understand the information presented and how it can impact their success is key. Assess, track and analyze learner performance. Get results immediately and view valuable reports at the individual level, or for the class or group as a whole. Provide results in real-time, or at a later time as preferred.

Dynamic Bimodal Versioning

With dynamic content, generate multiple iterations of exam questions to test the same concept. Use bimodal to toggle between multiple-choice and short answer question types, immediately changing the item difficulty level.


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