Workplace conflict resolution strategies and techniques using technology

In any organization conflict is virtually inevitable. People have different values, ideas, styles and personalities, and occasionally they will clash. These problems can range from interpersonal battles to disagreements about the direction of the company. For many managers, handling workplace conflicts is one of the most stressful aspects of the job. To effectively address these…

Workplace training gets the pink slip

A friend recently shared with me an article he came across online: Workplace training is the last on the list of favorites, say most employees. The headline definitely caught my attention. The piece features the results of a survey acknowledging that employees view corporate training as their least favorite thing to engage in. No, it’s…

Why We’re Looking Forward to ATD

A brief summary of the reasons we look forward to ATD and the highlights of the 2019 conference in Washington, DC – the world’s largest talent development conference.

Why and When You Need Rapid Prototyping?

Do you want to know what rapid prototyping looks like in instructional design? Follow this efficient design model to save time and money while creating courses.

What is the value of employee training and development?

Training and development are vital to ensuring an educated workforce, improving company culture and boosting customer satisfaction. This explains why organizations are often willing to invest significantly in both company-wide and individualized training programs. Of course, while devoting time and resources to employee training is an essential piece of the puzzle, having the right tools…