What role does video play in the future of teaching and learning? How can video drive more engagement and better student outcomes? The University of Cincinnati has established a team of academic and IT experts to answer these questions as part of an effort to overhaul its campus-wide video strategy and implement next-generation lecture capture to transform classrooms across their 14 colleges.

Join Tina Meagher, senior video strategist and JP Leong, co-chair for the Video Strategies Task Force at the University of Cincinnati, for this complimentary webinar to learn how their team:

Established a video task force of academic and IT experts
Developed a “seven circles” framework for video content creation
Set pedagogical goals for video creation and student engagement
Selected tools, including Echo360, for this critical infrastructure
Plans to use a new category of “behavioral data” to improve student success and measure learning
Who Should Register:
Everyone is welcome to register but technical and academic roles involved with video learning on campus will find it particularly interesting.

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