From lecture capture, to screencasting, to video in the LMS, video content has become a core component to improving student learning in higher education. Traditional video platforms, however, are viewed by many as complicated, expensive, and used by only a few of the most tech-savvy instructors on campus. Join us to learn about key trends in educational video and how Echo360 has set a new, smarter standard for video platforms, making it so easy and cost effective to scale video recording and streaming to all instructors and students, without complicated training and support. Topics we will cover include:

- Recording any class or any screen with our new universal application for lecture capture and personal video 
recording on Mac, PC or Mobile – with no faculty or student training required

- Making video more accessible with the most accurate, cost-effective automatic transcription available

- Creating more engaging LMS content by integrating Echo360 video directly in your LMS authoring tools

- Creating, editing, and sharing all your video content from a personal library that takes the complexity out of
video management

- Turning passive video into active learning with integrated engagement tools and learner analytics

Unlike complicated platforms built for video professionals across all industries, Echo360 is designed specifically for higher education and works the way your instructors and students do. This learning-centric approach yields up to seven times more use than other video software, making it a smarter investment on your part.

If you are struggling to scale academic video at your institution or are interested in seeing the new standard for smarter video in education, it’s time to take a look at Echo360.

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