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Youngstown hosts summer learning forum

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The Turning Technologies headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio, played host to instructors and administrators from around the region on Aug. 6 as part of an all-day learning forum.

The event featured sessions geared toward beginners and experts alike, including a preview of the product roadmap, advice on using TurningPoint to support active learning and opportunities for attendees to share feedback directly with Turning Technologies executives.

Conor McLennan, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology and director of the Language Research Laboratory at Cleveland State University, kicked off the day of learning with the keynote presentation, “Clicker use and the cognitive psychology of teaching and learning.” During the talk, he cited study after study illustrating the effectiveness of frequent testing on improving student learning outcomes, and regaled attendees with stories from his own classroom of how he has used TurningPoint for just that purpose.

“The world of possibilities around our web platform in general really excited our attendees.”

The remainder of the day was devoted to in-depth discussions surrounding pedagogy, networking opportunities and insights into the future of TurningPoint.

“They really enjoyed the roadmap and learning about what is soon to be released,” said Vice President of Higher Education and Publisher Sales Barry Gromada. “They could have talked about attendance for hours.”

In addition to the new tools for taking and tracking attendance, instructors were enthused about the potential of the new hotspot question type, and were eager to start using scheduled polling for out-of-class homework assignments. When asked to weigh in on where Turning’s development team should focus next, the ability to use pre-existing materials – including PowerPoints, PDFs and videos – was easily the most requested new feature.

According to Vice President of Client Success Kevin Herrholtz, “The world of possibilities around our web platform in general really excited our attendees.”

The event was such a success that Turning will continue to host more such learning forums in the future, both in Youngstown and at campuses around the country.

“The benefits are truly mutual,” said Herrholtz. “Turning benefits immensely by speaking firsthand with clients to learn how our future technology initiatives can further serve their needs.”