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“We improve student outcomes and advance careers”

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Ethan Cohen stepped into the role of CEO at Turning Technologies one year ago this month. Among other milestones, the past year saw the launch of new versions of both our ExamView test-generation software and our flagship TurningPoint interactive polling software.

Ethan Cohen CEO of Turning Technologies

Even as Ethan looks back, it is clear that he is most enthusiastic for what is to come. Below, he shares insights into what product developments are on the horizon and how they will keep Turning Technologies at the forefront of educational innovation.

What first drew you to Turning Technologies?

I have always enjoyed working with technology companies. What makes Turning Technologies special is that its technology makes the world a better place by improving learning. Response technologies like TurningPoint make discussions more engaging, bolster student understanding and increase safety at the workplace. Anybody can build and sell a widget. At Turning Technologies, we improve student outcomes and advance careers.

What stood out the most during your first year as CEO?

I have been extremely impressed by Turning Technologies’ employees and their commitment to DELIGHTING our clients. Over the past 12 months, I have received numerous emails from clients commending the efforts of our employees for going above and beyond the call of duty to assist clients, often during evenings and weekends.

It seems like there is more educational technology available than ever before. How do you think Turning Technologies fits into the current landscape?

At its core, TurningPoint enhances the educational experience by supporting active learning and advanced teaching pedagogies, such as the Flipped Classroom. Now that web-enabled devices are ubiquitous on campuses and in the workplace, instructors and trainers are seeking solutions that allow them to expand their reach and impact both inside and outside the classroom. Turning Technologies is dedicated to providing a platform that will empower instructors and trainers to realize this potential.

What can clients look forward to in the year ahead?

We are more excited about our product roadmap than at any point in the company’s history. Over the past 12 months, we have re-engineered the backend of our system to create a web-based platform that is both powerful and flexible.

Starting in the spring of 2018, instructors and trainers will be able to manage presentations, access session files, manage results and generate reports from any web-enabled device. Even more exciting, instructors and trainers will be able to use TurningPoint to interact with students outside of the classroom through surveys and quizzes. Students will benefit from a variety of enhancements, including interactive flashcards, and administrators will be able to conduct surveys that span the entire institution.

And that is only the beginning, as our new architecture is designed to support additional media formats and capabilities requested by clients as well as industry thought leaders. Stay tuned for more details!