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Announcing new tools to take and track attendance

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Most instructors would agree that the importance of attendance is matched only by the tediousness of actually taking attendance. TurningPoint web’s new features were designed with input from instructors to help make that process simpler than ever.

What’s new?

TurningPoint web now features an attendance button that allows instructors to start the process with a single click. Once attendance is open, participants simply use their cell phones, tablets or computers to check in.

Attendance grid shows students present or absent on TurningPoint web

Our new attendance grid is another feature that instructors have played a big role in shaping. The simple layout provides an at-a-glance view of which participants are present and which are absent, while clicking on the details icon lets an instructor edit the session name and view more in-depth information, including total number of participants present or absent. Easily sortable columns, along with the ability to change a participant’s status for any given session, further enhances the user experience.

Participants themselves can more easily track their attendance with the participant attendance summary. This report lets them see how many classes they have attended and how many they have missed, as well as details about individual classes.

Location-based attendance

We have also recently unveiled our new location-based attendance capabilities! This functionality, likewise available via our web platform, allows instructors to choose a location and designate a radius where participants can check in, ensuring that they are present and engaged.

GPS location-based attendance on TurningPoint web

Coming soon…

Instructors will also soon have the ability to set alerts that let them know when participants have been absent for a certain number of classes. With this knowledge, instructors will be better able to reach out to those at risk while there is still time to salvage the semester.

Stay tuned for more information!