2019 Australia and New Zealand Community Conference

Dec 9 - 11, 2019

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What to expect

Join us for our 14th annual Echo360 A/NZ Community Conference in 2019! This event will take place at the Novotel on Collins in Melbourne, and – as ever – it will feature a comprehensive range of Echo360 and community presentations.

The conference provides an ideal opportunity to interact with your peers in the Echo360 community, learn about new products and features, and discuss planning for 2020 and beyond.

Registration is open – secure your place today! We look forward to seeing you in December.

Where and When

Novotel Melbourne on Collins 270 Collins St. Melbourne, VIC Australia 3000

Monday, 9 Dec 

Welcome Brunch and Registration, 11:00am – Midday

Conference Day 1, Midday – 5:00pm

Networking Reception, 5:00pm – 7:00pm


Tuesday, 10 Dec 

Conference Day 2, 8:30am – 5:00pm

Conference Dinner, 7:00pm – 11:00pm


Wednesday, 11 Dec

Conference Day 3, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Contact Info

Jocasta WIlliams

1300 324 600 (AUS), 0800 324 600 (NZ) or
+ 61 8 6180 2799



Mon, Dec 09

11am - Midday

Welcome Brunch and Registration, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Conference Welcome.

Welcome to Echo360’s 14thAnnual A/NZ Community Conference!

Jocasta Williams, Echo360


Echo360 Keynote.

A global business update from Echo360

Tony Abate, Echo360


Echo of the Past: Sound bytes for the Future.

UNSW is working with Echo360 analytical data to explore student engagement and their study choices, to inform good learning and teaching practices.

Catherine Ryan, University of New South Wales


Echo360 product area: ANALYSE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Analyse features within the Echo360 service.

Albert Maness and Tony Iraia, Echo360


Afternoon tea, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Monash College Support Students Transition using Data-Driven Intervention.

The 2019 Echo360 Research Grant has provided Monash College with the opportunity to support a unique collaboration between our Diploma of Business teaching team and our Learning Environments and Analytics team; to build and begin to use a data driven model to predict examination results, support interventions into student behaviour, and measure the impact of these interventions on our student outcomes. This presentation will walk through our findings so far.

Dr Andrew Phillips and Prateek Jindal, Monash College


Removing Barriers to Student Inquiry in First-Year Courses.

Many students in large first-year college courses are reluctant to pose verbal questions during class. Entreating students with “Any questions?” more often than not fails to produce a response and, when it does, comes from a small subset of all students. This presentation demonstrates how the use of the backchannel in Echo360 dramatically increased students’ participation in class inquiry even for those who self-reported a prior discomfort with verbal questioning.

Professor Perry Samson, University of Michigan and Echo360


Echo360 product area: ENGAGE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Engage features within the Echo360 service.

Cassidy Fein, Echo360


Networking Reception, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne.

Tue, Dec 10


Tea and coffee, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Evaluating the impact of ASR on the student experience.

In semester 2, 2019, UWA undertook a pilot of the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) feature in Echo360. With students drawn from across the depth and breadth of the university, the purpose of the pilot was to evaluate their perception of the ASR transcripts and the impact on their learning experience. At this session we will be sharing details of the pilot, our preliminary findings, and the potential impacts on accessibility support.

Callan Rose and Callum Corkill, University of Western Australia


Mining Echo360 Captures to Identify Important Concepts.

The potential exists for AI to add value to videos captured by Echo360. This presentation overviews research underway that uses AI to improve the quality of class transcriptions with evidence that the increased accuracy may be significant. Along with the use of more accurate transcription comes the opportunity to identify important concepts contained in each class session. This presentation is intended to open a discussion on if and/or how to use the machine-generated concepts to the benefit of instructors and students.

Professor Perry Samson, University of Michigan and Echo360


Echo360 product area: ENHANCE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Enhance features within the Echo360 service.

Cassidy Fein, Echo360


Morning tea, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Using video capture in a skills based applied learning environment.

This session will showcase some of the advantages of using video capture and provide an update on George’s engagement with Echo360’s capabilities and the associated student results.

George Clegg, TAFE Queensland


Echo360 at Monash College.

This presentation will focus on our journey supporting the implementation and roll out of Echo360 at Monash College; our successes, considerations and the impact of landing the Academic Champion Grant in this dynamic and rapidly growing space.

Sharon Whippy, Monash College


Echo360 product area: SHARE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Share features within the Echo360 service.

Cassidy Fein, Echo360


Lunch, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Echo360, my experiences as an early adopter.

This presentation will cover my experiences with Echo360 over the last 18 months, both positive and negative, as I have worked to weave some of the Echo360 interactive elements into my teaching. I will report on student and staff feedback on the service and share some tips for people thinking about using the interactive features in their teaching.

Dr David Garratt-Reed, Curtin University


Using Echo360 to Model Hypothetical Negotiations.

Humanities and Science classes sometimes discuss hypothetical contractual situations such as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” designed to bring out certain features of human rationality. The Active Learning features in Echo360 provide a very useful and efficient way to model these contracts. By actually allowing students to engage in the hypothetical contract rather than just hearing it talked about, we can create learning episodes that demonstrate the key lessons in a vivid and memorable way. I discuss some recent exercises along these lines which I have created and delivered in a second-year philosophy course.

Dr Tosh Stewart, University of Otago


Echo360 product area: MANAGE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Manage features within the Echo360 service.



Afternoon tea, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Using Echo360 in Audio Production.

How an arts college uses Echo360 to implement some unique and very cool classroom capture and audio functions. From integrating Lav’s, to advanced audio functions, to large Digital Mixing consoles feeding our recordings, we have found some fantastic benefits for our students and teachers using the platform.

Jason Torrens, Collarts


Echo360 product area: CREATE.

This session will provide information about the recent developments and upcoming plans for Create features within the Echo360 service.

Tony Iraia, Echo360


What’s all the noise about? Comparing microphones for Universal Capture.

In this practical session, David will demonstrate a few different wireless microphones that can be used for Universal Capture, their ‘pros’ & ‘cons’ and other suggestions for the future.

David Yammouni, Swinburne University


Conference Dinner.

Wed, Dec 11


Tea and coffee, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne.


Lessons learned and moving forward 18 months on: Exploring the Griffith University implementation.

This workshop will step through participants on how they, at their university, market Echo360. This will be done in a workshop style with personas that have been created, thus giving an authentic experience to participants.

Simone Poulsen and Dr Chris Campbell, Griffith University


3 Years with Echo360.

This session will talk about some of the lessons Echo360 has learned about working with A/NZ educators and the teams that support them over the last three years. We’ll look at what we think is important, challenges we’ve faced and successes we’ve celebrated.

Alison Maloney, Echo360


Improving platform performance and security through architecture and workflow enhancements.

This session will provide an update to the community around the performance, security, and reliability enhancements that Echo360 Engineering has made over the last year and a preview of what’s to come in the future.

Chris Kelly, Echo360


Brunch, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne


Echo360: little, big and brave steps at the University of Sydney.

We introduced Echo360 in late 2018 and it was fully integrated with the learning management system in time for semester one 2019. By semester two, new territories are being explored with what Echo360 can offer students and lecturers. Now we have brave champion academics using the Echo360 engagement tools. I will present on where the little, big and brave steps are taking us, sharing some scenarios from champions, lessons learnt and more things to explore.

Pamela Brañas, University of Sydney


Pathways to an inclusive student learning experience

Description: In 2018 we began to focus our attention on creating a more inclusive student learning experience within the learning ecosystem at RMIT. In 2019 this journey included a decision to pilot an Echo360 opt-out model, for lecture recording within Higher Education courses during Semester 2, to better accommodate students with diverse needs. The pilot included an open process for approving all opt-out requests, with the intent to understand any staff concerns and issues. This presentation reports on feedback from stakeholders including teaching staff and students, and what our next steps will be.

Marcus De Rijk, RMIT University


Conference wrap-up.

Review of discussions and confirmation of outcomes.

Tony Abate, Cassidy Fein, Tony Iraia, Echo360


Conference closing.

Jocasta Williams, Echo360


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