A Research Study at MCCKC: The Impact of Video and Active Learning on Student Outcomes in Gateway Courses

A Research Study at MCCKC: The Impact of Video and Active Learning on Student Outcomes in Gateway Courses

Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City (MCCKC) – like many community colleges – has been working to improve student outcomes in gateway courses that have historically been barriers to student retention and success. With the support from three Federal Title III grants, MCCKC has invested in solutions, professional development and infrastructure to provide more personalized instruction in high attrition courses. As part of this initiative, the Echo360 video and active learning platform was selected in 2014 as one of the solutions to create engaging classroom environments and support students before, during and after class.

In 2017, 9 MCCKC instructors agreed to participate in a targeted study to gather data on the impact Echo360 has on student success and retention. Here are highlights from that study.

Video, Polling and Presentation Views Correlate to Student Success

“There were 11 sections with a total of 263 students who participated in the study,” explains Jason Pallett, MCCKC Title III Activity Director / Curriculum Designer. “Even though the 9 participating instructors taught in a variety of disciplines ranging from Intermediate Algebra to Fundamentals of Speech, all agreed to use the active learning features of Echo360. Namely, they uploaded and recorded classroom presentations and incorporated the student engagement tools such as polling, as a major component of their courses.

“When analyzing the data, we see an encouraging relationship between students’ grades and their usage of three key Echo360 features – presentations, videos and polling,” explains Pallett. “Taking the analysis further, it was determined that there is a statistically significant difference in the success of students who chose to view presentations, view videos, and participate in polling versus those who do not.”

Impact of Presentations Views

Impact of Video Views

Impact of Polling

Students Find Echo360 Technology Valuable to Learning and Easy to Use

In addition to student learning behavior and outcomes data analysis, student surveys were conducted to gain insight into student perspectives on new technologies used in gateway courses.

“Overall, students enjoyed using Echo360 and found it helpful for learning and easy to use,” said Pallett. “In addition to an overall high satisfaction rating from students, the survey showed that 71% of students agreed or strongly agreed that Echo360 helped them to review lectures and/or stay current if a class was missed, and 68% of students would like to see more courses use Echo360.”

General Student Satisfaction with Echo360

Satisfaction with Echo360

Easy or very easy to use

“It stands to reason that students have a better chance of succeeding if they view the lecture videos and PowerPoint presentations,” says Pallett. “However, the way in which each instructor used videos and presentations may have varied widely. So, going forward, we need to create a more controlled and uniformed set of tests. That will help us to determine which specific student behaviors best predict course success. That said, we view the Echo360 implementation as a success. Students found the tool helpful and easy to use and student success was statistically improved as a result,” Pallett concludes.

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