Save Money and Reduce Complexity by Consolidating on Echo360 as Your Campus Video Platform

Save Money and Reduce Complexity by Consolidating on Echo360 as Your Campus Video Platform

Many Echo360 customers have licensed multiple software tools to support the growth of video on campus. These tools are frequently acquired using departmental funds to address specific video use cases. Over time, these disparate tools from different vendors can result in overlapping functionality, spiraling license fees, and excessive training and support costs for the university’s central IT group.

Echo360 has recently invested millions of dollars to expand our award-winning lecture capture and active learning solution into the industry’s premier video content management platform. In addition to providing the world’s most reliable classroom capture, we’ve overhauled our software capture to support easy one-click recording for students and faculty for any purpose. These videos can be securely managed, edited, shared and published to individuals and groups, inside and outside the university. Echo360 is tightly integrated with leading LMS platforms and provides advanced analytics to gain unique insight into video usage and student success.

Now that we offer the industry’s leading video content management solution, shouldn’t you consider consolidating your video tools onto the Echo360 platform?

Here are some additional things you can do with Echo360:

  • Create secure video assignments and reply to student submissions with video feedback.
  • Develop rich online learning content with Echo360, directly in the LMS content editor.
  • Make your video content more accessible via machine-generated transcripts that can easily be edited into fully compliant closed captions.
  • Live stream your classes to expand your reach to students who can’t always make it to campus. Remote students can participate fully in classes using Echo360’s active learning tools.

We’ll have follow-up posts to go into more depth on each of these, but for now, let’s look at some real benefits of consolidating on Echo360 as your campus video platform:

  • Fewer products to pay for: Who likes to pay for things they don’t need? The good news is that there is no extra fee for doing more in Echo360. Just make sure your license includes the full student population you need to serve, and you can eliminate the cost of other video platforms you are paying for.
  • Fewer products for faculty and instructors to learn: Chances are your instructors are already overburdened with systems to learn and integrate into their teaching practices. Echo360 is designed to make all video activities easy for instructors and students alike and will keep your faculty happy and productive.
  • Fewer products to support: Administrative and support staff are often overworked by the number of platforms they need to support. Having fewer platforms is always better, especially when they are as intuitive and easy to use as Echo360. Your support staff will thank you.
  • Fewer products to integrate: Everything is integrated these days and that comes at a cost: more things to check and troubleshoot when you update systems, more data types and APIs to know and support. Echo360’s modern LTI and web services make it simple to integrate with your LMS and backend systems and will help you reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Echo360 is the first and only platform designed to meet all the video needs of higher education institutions, and since it is designed and developed solely for higher education, it comes without the complexity of systems designed to support multiple markets. To learn more about how Echo360 can help you reduce cost and complexity while serving the needs of your faculty and students, reach out to your dedicated Echo360 representative or contact us here.

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