The Echo360 Active Learning Platform delivers valuable learning analytics to help drive better outcomes. 


Colleges and universities are constantly looking for ways to keep students in the classroom, because student success requires student retention. A 2010 article on Educause indicated that one community college, Montgomery County Community College, may have found the key to success in using technology to improve analytics and increase classroom retention. Here’s a look at how Montgomery County Community College received an A+ rating in the Digital Community Colleges Survey for three years in a row.

Making Data and Reporting Accessible

As student enrollment at MCCC increased, the need for access to analytics grew tremendously. The college’s IT department implemented a system that allowed users to access data with the analytics they needed instantly when it was needed.

Echo360 understands the need for learning analytics and reporting that is accessible and useful. The Echo360 Active Learning Platform delivers student behavioral data to ensure that instructors and those who oversee educational programs have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. Implementing a system like this campus-wide can help increase classroom retention by enabling instructors to intervene before students fall behind.

Intervention for At-Risk Students

Next, the school used the analytics to reach out to students who needed intervention, and also provided educators with a specific tool they could use to report at-risk behavior, so other staff members could reach out to students. This had the greatest impact on overall student retention, as those at risk for dropping out would be identified and supported quickly.

Improving the Student-Advisor Relationship

Finally, the school focused on building a strong student-advisor experience, using technology to make appointments easier for students and their advisors to schedule.

The improvements seen by MCCC show the power of technology to increase classroom retention and student achievement. Echo360 analytics provide instructors with the ability to assess students as individuals and classrooms as a whole, tailoring instruction to the student needs and improving the outreach to struggling students. With the Echo360 Active Learning Platform, instructors and administrators alike have a way to help keep students in the classroom.

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