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Why Your Company Needs Employee Leadership Training

From ethics to employee relations training to decision-making, employee leadership training should be an integral part of your business. By providing these types of courses to your employees, you help them build personal skills like time management, stress management, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills such as team building, training, and conflict resolution. When your employees excel in these types of skills, the entire company benefits.

With EchoPoll, you can provide flexible, on-demand leadership training to all employees with the click of a button. You can choose which employees participate in specific courses and easily add employees to additional courses as needed. Continue reading to learn more about leadership training and how your company can benefit from it at all levels.

Why should all employees participate in leadership training?

With the fast pace, digitization, and globalization that drives business today, it’s essential to provide leadership training for all employees to ensure a culture of shared leadership and employee engagement. Your company’s responsiveness and decision-making must adapt to meet the challenges of retiring executives and overloaded employees. Employees who are given a say in decisions are more engaged and motivated. By providing leadership training to all employees, your organization can work to retain those with high performance and discover those with high potential.

There are many levels of leadership within an organization. When all are present, your company thrives.

  • Self-leadership – an individual achieving a goal
  • Direct leadership – an individual motivating another individual to achieve a goal
  • Group leadership – an individual motivating a group to reach a goal
  • Executive leadership – an individual or group motivating an organization or major department to achieve a goal

A good leader begins by creating a vision and setting the direction toward the desired outcome or result. They are, at all times, responsible for the achievement of the result, and they get it done by influencing and inspiring others and empowering them to achieve results. In the end, a good leader is responsible for the result, no matter what the outcome may be. All individuals can learn to lead, and in today’s business world, your company can’t afford to ignore the leadership potential of all employees.

How to Set Up Global Employee Leadership Training in Your Organization

It’s easy to create new class content with EchoPoll, Turning’s powerful learning engagement platform. In order to create company-wide leadership training, you will most likely choose to create asynchronous courses so that employees can learn when it’s most convenient for them.

Creating a course is as easy as dragging and dropping presentations, images from our huge library of free photos and illustrations, and videos, which you can simply embed from YouTube. The course creator takes you step-by-step through creating each course, and you can copy content from one course into another easily. You can include inline quizzes with various kinds of questions, including multiple-choice and true or false.

Once your courses are created, it’s simple to add and remove participants. You simply drag and drop names from the list of employees and place them in courses. They will then see each course they are assigned to on their dashboard. You can assign the dates they must complete the course by and send reminders if you choose.

It’s also easy to keep track of who is attending each course and how they are performing. EchoPoll includes a number of metrics, including individual reports by employee, class reports by question or exam, and more. If some individuals are having a hard time understanding a certain topic, you can create extra training to address their needs, and simply drag and drop them into the extra course.

How can my company get started?

When you’re ready to institute global employee leadership training and you want to do it simply and effectively, it’s time to take a look at EchoPoll and our e³ philosophyBook a demo today to learn about more of the features included with EchoPoll and how they can help take your organization’s training to the next level.