What Makes a K12 Online Learning Platform Stand Out?

The way to make an online learning platform for K12 students stand out is to design it to empower inspired learning, which is exactly how Echo360’s Echosystem was designed. The Echosystem is a portfolio of engagement solutions created to achieve engagement and learning outcomes. The Echosystem experience framework takes all of our tools – from video management to content authoring to assessments – and puts them in a framework with the learner, instructor, or administrator at the epicenter to help them achieve personalized learning experiences. Let’s look in more detail at how this is done. 


Course creation for a K12 online learning platform

EchoAuthor is the Echosystem’s content creation tool. It features rapid authoring with an intuitive and quick interface for course creation. Real-time collaboration makes it easy for multiple creators to review and edit content. It’s easy to update lessons created with EchoAuthor so you can keep them current.

With EchoAuthor, you can control learner progress by marking specific elements as required interactions before revealing additional content, even within the same lesson. You can monitor learner progress from your LMS and intervene with students as needed. You can also use this information to revise content when necessary. 

Everything created on EchoAuthor is stored individually so you can use components in future lessons or in multiple courses. You can also pull elements to make flashcards for students who need extra support.

Creating and editing video content

EchoVideo allows you to record courses live for synchronous viewing or to create presentations for asynchronous viewing. You can record while offline so you can edit your videos before presenting them. This allows you to insert media such as external videos, images, graphs, and other helpful components that highlight the lesson being taught.

When using EchoVideo for livestreaming, you can choose to allow students to participate in discussions without their names showing. This can encourage students who are shy to participate without worry. While other students can’t see each other’s names, you can peek at who said what, which helps to identify students who may need extra support.

EchoVideo offers consolidated analytics to track all media, which you can view in your LMS or VLE with the use of an API gateway. You can track viewing and engagement data such as views of a video, answers to a poll, or quiz responses down to the individual level.

The Echosystem’s K12 online learning platform

Once you create the content or set up livestreaming, you need a dedicated online learning platform, which is what EchoEngage is all about. EchoEngage is perfect for blended learning situations, with some students in class and some online. Live classes can be scheduled where presentations, polling, and assessments take place. Self-paced assignments can be administered from EchoEngage for students to complete on their own time. The ability to provide targeted assignments for specific individuals. This way, you can support students who are falling behind as well as offer enhanced learning opportunities for students who are working ahead of the class.

EchoEngage provides seamless, two-way synchronization so you can link your courses, class roster, grade book, and attendance data between it and your LMS. EchoEngage pushes scores and attendance into your LMS gradebook.

Accessibility is essential in a K12 online learning platform that stands out from the crowd. EchoEngage is built for accessibility, with high-contrast visual interfaces, the ability to navigate from any device including the keyboard, and closed captioning available.

Assessments for K12 online learning platforms

All the instruction in the world is useless without a way to measure the results. EchoExam is the Echosystem’s solution. The quick test wizard allows you to choose topics and associated test question banks to create a test in minutes. There are plenty of features to edit the exam once it’s created as well.

You can also protect the integrity of the exam by producing multiple versions of it, scrambling question order, scrambling multiple-choice answer order, randomizing which questions from your question bank get used on each test, and, where supported, offering different iterations of the same question.

EchoExam’s Test Manager allows you to view metrics on the results on the class or individual level. You can include actionable learning thresholds with your results to make sure entire classes or individual students are reaching essential benchmarks.

Make your online learning platform for K12 stand out

If you want your K12 online learning platform to stand out in these ways and more, contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a demonstration.

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Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

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Get a demo

Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions.

Let’s talk more to find the right solution for you.


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Question Types

With over 14 different question types, you can match the assessment to the material at hand. Use traditional test question types such as true/false, multiple-choice, multiple response, numeric response, matching, completion, short answer and essay to review, re-teach and reinforce learning.

Reporting & Analytics

Ensuring that learners understand the information presented and how it can impact their success is key. Assess, track and analyze learner performance. Get results immediately and view valuable reports at the individual level, or for the class or group as a whole. Provide results in real-time, or at a later time as preferred.

Dynamic Bimodal Versioning

With dynamic content, generate multiple iterations of exam questions to test the same concept. Use bimodal to toggle between multiple-choice and short answer question types, immediately changing the item difficulty level.

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The Echosystem is our dynamic model of customized solutions that correspond to the relationship, environment, content, and assessment required:

Create, capture, manage, store and search video with the most powerful platform anywhere.
From in-person to virtual to flipped classrooms, we have the tools to engage your learners.
Creating effective and engaging materials for your learners has never been easier -or more impactful.
Create multi-modal assessments and generate analytics within seconds.

We make it easy to bring learning to life — anywhere.

Echo360 is driven to enable inspired learning experiences for everyone, anywhere through the high quality of solutions, tools, and standards we set for our work and ourselves. 

Hybrid Learning

Ensuring our solutions and tools are effective in all kinds of learning environments.  

Video Management

Unleashing the end-to-end learning potential of video, from creation to administration.  

Engagement Outcomes

Designing and delivering effective engagement tools that produce results. 

Reporting & Analytics

Providing empirical evidence of engagement, progress, and opportunity areas through easy-to-use dashboards. 

LMS Integration

Integrating seamlessly with the most widely used Learning Management Systems in education and business. 


Committing to meeting or exceeding standards that ensure learning equity. 

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Enabling inspiration and access to students, wherever they are.

Echo360 delivers an innovative model for engaged learning in the post-Covid age.  We offer coherent and compelling learner-centered experiences regardless of place and time, so all learners have the opportunities to learn.