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ExamView: A Test Creator with Over 15,000 Free Questions

ExamView is a test generator for teachers that can make exam crafting a breeze

We all understand that learners generally don’t enjoy taking tests, but many people don’t realize how hard it is for instructors to create them. A test creator has to write questions that accurately assess learner progress while giving all test-takers an equal chance to succeed with multiple formats and question types. You can’t use the same questions in the same order every time either, forcing even experienced instructors to change things up regularly. If your organization’s instructors are struggling to write effective exams or just need a break, Echo360 has created dedicated test creator software called ExamView with a free question bank of more than 15,000 items to give instructors a broad selection of questions to choose from. ExamView also includes several features to make it easier for learners to perform up to their potential and help instructors track student growth, making it the perfect test creator tool. Please continue reading to learn more about how our software could help your learners pursue their goals.

What Types of Questions Are Included with Your Test Creator?

ExamView’s question bank includes thousands of items that align with federal Common Core standards, allowing K-12 teachers to quickly find expertly-written questions covering spelling, arithmetic, high school biology, Shakespeare, trigonometry, and more. Furthermore, our question bank includes content drawn from over 12,000 textbook titles, making it easy to find content specific to the books you are using directly from the publisher. Of course, you can modify existing items as you see fit or write completely new questions to better meet the needs of your learners.

A question’s formatting can dramatically alter its difficulty, and ExamView allows you to choose from multiple-choice, multiple response, matching, true/false, sentence completions, numeric response, and essays to measure a student’s understanding. There is even a bimodal feature that automatically converts multiple-choice items to short answer questions and vice-versa, allowing you to adjust the difficulty of exams on the fly. You can also create 26 different versions of a single test to accommodate individual learner needs, promoting equity while minimizing any cheating.

Best of all, you can use our test creator software to write both digital and pencil-and-paper tests, streamlining the entire test creation process.

What Else Can Your Test Creator Software Do?

ExamView makes it easy to measure learner performance, ensuring that you always have the evidence you need to intervene when necessary. If you’re looking for even faster feedback, our suite of Point Solutions products supports Anywhere Polling to help instructors measure learner progress in real-time. Similarly, ExamView is designed as a test creator that makes exams relatively fun, but we understand that formal assessments are generally not the best way to engage learners. Luckily, our learning engagement platform EchoPoll is built on our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement to help learners of all ages and ability levels connect with whatever they are studying.

One of the most powerful engagement tools in our arsenal is Echo360: a video content management platform that turns passive video into active learning experiences. If a learner misses multiple questions on a given topic, Echo360 automatically creates a searchable index of video content using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to help them revisit that concept before their next exam. It also supports multimodal learning by allowing learners to read captions while listening to a video.

How Can I Learn More about This Test Creator?

If you are interested in learning more about ExamView or any of the other products in the Turning family, we invite you to contact us for more information. We are confident that your instructors will never want to go back to writing exams on their own!