Data-Driven Corporate Training Builds Better Teams

Feedback, reporting, and polling have never been easier with Echo360

Whether during onboarding, ongoing certification compliance, or another essential training module, you can’t underestimate the importance of reporting. Knowing that your employees are moving through the material just isn’t enough — you’ve got to make sure that the training is truly making a difference. Our EchoPoll learning engagement platform does just that.

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How do you know if corporate training is working?

According to Kloudlearn, there are four critical reports in learning and development:

  • Learner progress and completion rates
  • Learner participation and engagement
  • Learner assessment results
  • Learner satisfaction ratings


EchoPoll is a brilliant, robust solution. Not only does it help you build and manage live and asynchronous courses, but It also helps you track, manage, and evaluate your employees’ training with real, relevant reporting. Live feedback, blended learning paths, simple LMS integration, and more can help you measure learner engagement, employee performance, and overall corporate training success

Already use an LMS? EchoPoll makes it better

EchoPoll’s ability to sync to an LMS gives you a bird’s-eye view of where your trainees and the class as a whole are, according to every course, quiz, and assessment from EchoPoll and from any other grades that come from anywhere else. You get every bit of information on where your trainees are — and where they should be.

EchoPoll also allows you to access all results in your account online, providing insight when learners need additional help or support. This supports EchoPoll’s self-paced, blended learning capabilities — you can use reporting to assign each of your learners a path that’s right for them on an individual basis. When you have a sense of where your employees are, knowledge-wise, you can keep your finger on the pulse of each trainee’s path so you can take action accordingly.

The importance of live feedback during employee training

As your employees move through the onboarding, certification, or training progress, it’s important that you’re able to intervene if need be. Because every person learns differently, using in-class polling and assessments tells you not only how every individual is doing but if your training is working. EchoPoll lets you receive this feedback immediately.


EchoPoll features live polling that can be used for quizzing a class in real time or for gathering feedback. Plus, your trainees can respond using any device they want — laptop, mobile, or tablet — from wherever they want.  


Some learners are nervous to speak up in front of a crowd or share things they don’t understand. EchoPoll helps to level the playing field and increase participation by taking the peer pressure out of the equation to encourage more interaction. Let learners respond anonymously for the entire session or on a question-by-question basis. Anonymous responses can often help you get more accurate information, particularly, for example, if you’re looking for data on students’ opinions of your training.


In addition to polling “checkpoints” that are inserted into your training during course creation, EchoPoll helps you create polls on the fly to measure learner engagement and understanding, making sure that you’re providing your employees with the information they need. For example, dropping a question about an industry-specific best practice into your presentation can help you gauge your employees’ current knowledge.

Learn about your employees with post-training assessments

Now it’s time for you to listen to your employees. It’s essential that you make sure your assessments provide you with even more information on your trainees’ new knowledge (as well as how your approach worked). You’ll find out how your employees processed your training using our powerful reporting tools, which go into detail to help you understand which training strategies have been effective and well-received by your employees. This helps you to assess, adjust, and improve your training programs.

Your training program should not be considered over until you have received detailed, actionable feedback on multiple aspects of the training. EchoPoll helps you analyze your learners using either your LMS of choice or through EchoPoll itself.

Identify areas for training improvement

Even the greatest training programs could use improvement, and one of the most important benefits of getting training feedback is the opportunity to easily identify areas that could be improved during future training courses. As you are designing your feedback documents, you may want to ask each participant to assess the training methods, presentations, engagement factor, and overall quality of their training experience. 

When you put together the polling results data, trends will emerge, showing you in which areas the training was most successful and in which areas there is room for additional improvement. You can then take action, whether that’s improving the training for the next round of trainees or demonstrating to upper management why the training is so valuable.

Internal metrics such as these are best when coupled with specific details from the people who experienced the training. Collecting this type of feedback allows you to make your training even more effective in the future, and EchoPoll gives your employees the freedom of responding anonymously, helping you to get an honest evaluation of your training that helps you make your training the best it can be. 

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Ensure that business objectives are being met

One key goal of corporate training is to make sure that each employee has the knowledge and skills they need in order to meet the needs of the business. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the reporting that comes out of your training sessions. By collecting feedback from training participants, you will be able to ensure that your training has covered key business objectives. 

Demonstrate the value of the training

All training is designed to expand your employees’ knowledge of the company, your industry, or other important topics, and training is typically a major investment for a business. If you want to make sure your company continues to prioritize employee training, you will want your reporting to demonstrate the added value of your training program. 

EchoPoll allows you to receive and present corporate training reporting that can provide you with solid data and evidence that clearly demonstrates the ways the training has added value to the company. EchoPoll’s metrics can help you illustrate the ways in which your training has improved productivity, time management, or other important skills.

EchoPoll: The secret to data-driven corporate training

If you want to give your employees the best training experience out there, you want to make sure you’re working with corporate training software that can help you get the results you want. Contact us today to set up a demonstration of all the features the Echosystem has to offer.


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