Echo360 APAC: The Leader in the Market

Echo360 APAC: The Leader in the Market

‘They are unlike any other vendor we work with’, is a common refrain from our customers when asked about Echo360’s APAC team. The University of Western Australia, The University of Tasmania and The University of Queensland are not only Echo360’s customers, they are also a few of the institutions from where this team was recruited. We strongly believe that one of the reasons for our success is our collective experience in higher education. We have been in the shoes of our customers.

Words like fun, support, expertise, trust and family are all used when I ask my Echo360 APAC colleagues what they think of when they think of our team. That, and the strong contribution of our customers who are, after 21 years, an important part of what makes our team special.  A community like ours doesn’t happen by accident, it is years of guiding, gentle pushing, supporting and a generous dose of humour with a few shared bottles of wine along the way.

Watch this video and read below to meet four of our team and what they think stands out about Echo360.


Meet Four of Our Team

Patrick Walsh
Ask anyone in the community and they will tell you, Patrick Walsh always has a ‘dad joke’ or two to keep us smiling (and groaning!). If you looked up ‘people person’, there would be a photo of Pat. As Echo360 APAC’s Support Manager, he has built a team that is generally regarded as one of the best in the industry as they respond to queries quickly, respectfully and most importantly, helpfully. If Pat’s team can’t help, there is a team of development engineers we can lean on.

Zig Tan
As a Senior Technical Engineer, Zig Tan is one of those engineers that comes to our aid. Not only has he delighted us with an addition to the Echo360 family with his new daughter, Zig will spend whatever hours of day or night he needs to, to find a solution for our customers. As Zig himself says, he is part of small yet dynamic team of engineers that have a broad base of expertise and the ability to work on the cutting-edge technology you see in our platform.

Leah Chandler
A long-time user of Echo360’s technology, and our latest recruit, Leah Chandler, brings 15 years of working in educational technology to our team. It is the combination of university experience and knowledge of how technology can support and strengthen education that brings an invaluable amount of experience and empathy as she supports our customers in her role as a Relationship Manager.

Alison Maloney
And relationships are important. As the first lifelong educator to join the team and buoyed by the often long and strong relationships that Echo360 has with our partner institutions, I have the privilege of working hand in hand with learning and teaching teams to explore how to use technology as a vital support for students. As the Manager, Academic Development, I work with our academic champions to investigate ways to support other educators as they create video and use our tools to engage students in their learning.

Echo360 APAC as the leader in the market? It’s a ‘no brainer’ to me.


Learn more: From campus video management, lecture capture, online learning, flipped classrooms and more, contact us to discover how Echo360 can help transform the teaching and learning experience at your institution.

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