5 Ways Echo360 Makes Your LMS More Effective with Video

You rely on your LMS to reach your students and Echo360 makes your LMS more powerful by transforming the student experience through the use of video.

Here are 5 ways you can make your LMS more effective with Echo360.

Create More Engaging and Interactive Content

With Echo360’s “Easy Embed” button in your LMS editor, you can embed videos directly in your LMS content. Simply click the button, select a video, and it is inserted in the page. And with Echo360, your videos can be interactive, meaning you can add polls along the timeline to quiz students or ask them to reflect on learning. You can provide feedback against these questions so there is no need to settle for static content that doesn’t engage students in their learning experience.


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Make Learning More Personal with Video Messages

It’s difficult to deliver a personal teaching experience from a distance, but video can help bridge the gap. With Echo360 integrated into your LMS, you can record personalized messages to give feedback on student work or deliver video messages to share concepts and encouragement with students. Video will make your course communication more personal and effective, no matter where your students are.

Unleash Student Creativity with Video Assignments

Sometimes an assignment needs to be more than just an essay and, with Echo360, video assignments are easy, secure, and reliable. Students complete their video assignments and submit them via the LMS assignment tool, and Echo360 stores a secure version in the video Library. Echo360 is the only video platform that protects assignment submissions from editing, enforcing academic integrity and providing a secure audit trail.

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Build Collaborative Video Learning Repositories

With Echo360 Groups, you can build video learning repositories to support courses, subjects or student projects. You can define group membership and permissions down to the individual level so you will be assured that your content is shared securely. Whether you want to share teaching materials among peers, build supplemental learning libraries, or support student collaboration, Groups have the flexibility and security you need in your LMS.

Get Better Analytics on Student Learning

With Echo360, you can see how engaged your students are in the videos you’re sharing – how often they watch content, which parts they view the most, and which parts they skip. You can see how they answer poll and quiz questions, which content they find confusing, and how much they participate in contextual discussions. Echo360 makes these analytics available for downloading or you can bring them into your LMS gradebook.

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