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Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

Many instructors are concerned that the introduction of technology in the classroom may hinder instruction while others may be fearful of what learning a new technology entails. Our interactive digital tools are easy to use, giving them the freedom to teach in ways they’ve never thought of before, quickly banishing apprehension. With no training required, they can easily capture and personalize their content, whether in-class or on the go.

Professors can boost interactivity and hands-on learning both inside and outside of the classroom armed with lecture tools that embolden students to question and encourage collaboration and participation. Using Echo360, instructors leverage the technology students are already using to enable:

  • Interactive presentations with customizable features including polling and quizzing
  • Students to use their mobile technology to ask questions
  • Greater group collaboration and peer learning
  • Real-time feedback to gauge student comprehension

Detailed learning analytics integrated into the EchoCenter, including heat maps, Google analytics and data reporting, make it easier for instructors to assess student usage and address areas of concern before they fall behind.


Unlike Facebook, instructors can preview student discussion threads hosted in EchoCenter, yet another way of measuring their grasp of course content.


EchoCenter’s data reporting allows instructors to track student usage, which helps them to better assess learning results. Heatmaps are visual sensors that show instructors the points within a lecture that receive the most traffic. Using this measuring tool, they can better pinpoint areas that may need further consideration during class time.