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Internationally Recognized Support Services

Everything we do at Echo360 is focused on the most important people to our organization: our customers. Our exceptional service practices and customer-centric culture are reflected in our official designation as an international 2012 Certified Customer Service Organization by the Customer Service Institute of America.

We understand the challenges you face in your mission to deliver the highest quality curriculum, while maximizing your staff’s time and resources. Because it’s our mission to support your mission, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your success.

Your Partner Every Step of the Way

Using the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from hundreds of deployments around the world, every Echo360 deployment includes access to a complete menu of support services.

Online and Phone Support

Our support engineers are available by phone and email to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. Contact us: 703.667.7500, extension 2.

Online Customer Portal

Access to an extensive library of up-to-date product manuals and documentation is at your fingertips.

Lunch ‘n’ Learn Events

Grab your lunch and gather your instructors for an informal Echo360 presentation designed to help them maximize their efficiency and engage more students.

Global User Conferences

Annual User Conferences allow you to delve into the latest EchoSystem features as well as network and share best practices with the Echo360 user community in your region. Conferences are hosted throughout the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Student Survey Tools

The Echo360 Feedback Loop program gives your institution a hassle-free method for measuring student feedback about their use of the EchoSystem. More.

Grants Program

We are committed to growing the body of research around the value of blended learning technology by funding research to study its broad-reaching impact. Our Blended Learning Grants Program is the first research program of its kind and so far has awarded more than $200,000 to institutions around the globe. More.

Premium Client Services

Sometimes you need a little extra help. Tap the depth and breadth of our Client Service team’s expertise to guide you through the decision-making process and lifecycle of your deployment. Our portfolio of paid client services include:

Solutions Evaluation

No matter where you are along the blended learning adoption curve, we can help you build a business case for the need for blended learning technology and assist you with pinpointing your priorities and goals.

Strategy Definition

From solution design to working with you to develop an optimized architecture for blended learning technology, let us help you prepare your IT team and stakeholders for implementation.

Deployment Planning

We can work with you to physically deploy and configure your Echo360 installation as well as provide operational testing, and coding and integration support for APIs.

EchoSystem Maintenance

From premium 24x7/365 critical incident support to expansion planning, we’ll help you get the most from your EchoSystem investment.