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Student Tools

Student Tools

Echo360 simplifies learning. Students find everything they need to support their studies in one central place - the EchoCenter. Within the EchoCenter, students can:

  • View online discussions
  • Ask questions of instructors to receive real-time answers in class
  • Organize their notes and recordings by date
  • Reference bookmarks to revisit crucial concepts
  • Launch live webcasts
  • Quickly search lectures and content for a specific point of interest

Students benefit from the online discussions in the EchoCenter – just like a virtual study group.


Now your students don’t have to worry about digging through pages and pages of illegible notes or the hassle of using multiple technology sources.


Today’s mobile student can access their course content anytime and anywhere from laptops, mobile phones and tablets, using the user-friendly EchoPlayer. The Flash-based EchoPlayer spurs online collaboration. Students can bookmark key points within a lecture and engage with classmates on course content via discussion threads. They benefit from the online discussion – just like a virtual study group. And the EchoPlayer’s Section 508-certified accessibility features give every learner on demand access to their course lectures and content.