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Social Learning

Social Learning

You share information and connect with your classmates through your online social networks, dishing on everything from the latest hot spot on campus to breaking world events.  So why can’t you study and learn in a similar digital way?

With Echo360 you can.

In addition to serving as the place to view your course content or watch live webcasts of lectures or guest speakers, the EchoCenter serves as the social hub for learning. Think of the EchoCenter as your digital coffee shop. Within the EchoCenter you can ask questions of your professors and classmates or start online discussions to delve deeper into certain course topics – all outside of scheduled class time.  And, you can even reach the EchoCenter from your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to hosting all of your course resources (lecture recordings, notes and bookmarks) in one central location, the EchoCenter takes studying one step further by empowering social learning. So now you can learn about mechanical engineering much in the same way that you learn about what’s new on campus; by tapping and contributing to the collective knowledge of your peers. Because in this day and age, there’s no reason for you to go it alone when it comes to your education.