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SafeCapture HD

SafeCapture HD Specifications
  • Capture full-motion output from any VGA, DVI or HDMI-enabled device, including document cameras, electronic whiteboards and computers
  • Full-motion encoding records applications, annotations, embedded video and animations
  • Capture input resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1200
  • (Scaled to the H.264 standard of 1088 maximum number of lines)
  • High-performance encoding engine provides H.264 encoded output at 30fps at all resolutions and bitrates from 240kbps to 3.2Mbps
  • All input aspect ratios supported; encoded to either normal (4:3) or wide (16:10) output
  • Digital or analog input via DVI-I connector, passively adaptable to VGA or HDMI input


  • Digital (HDMI) or Analog (composite) video input NTSC and PAL support
  • Fullscreen (4:3) standard definition input resolutions from QCIF to D1
  • Widescreen (16:9) high definition input resolutions from 480p to HD-1080p
  • Provides H.264-encoded output with configurable frame rates including 12.5/14.985fps or 25/29.97fps at bitrates from 120kbps to 3.2Mbps
  • Audio encoding in stereo, mixed-mono or mono
  • Audio capture in AAC, sampled at 22.05kHz or 44.1kHz, encoded at bitrates from 32kbps to 128kbps CBR
  • Options for pro-level (+4dBu/1.228Vrms/1.737Vpk) or consumer-level (-10dBv/0.316Vrms/0.447Vpk) signals
  • Professional line-level audio input with bare wire termination for direct wiring of stereo balanced (non-powered) or unbalanced audio
  • Consumer line-level audio input with stereo RCA connector
Installation Options
  • Mount in a standard 19” A/V rack or podium
  • Set on a tabletop or shelf
  • Additional mounting options available
Signal Processing and Encoding
  • Signal pre-processing includes decimation, automatic de-interlacing and noise reduction
General Specifications
  • Dimensions: 431mm wide x 317mm deep x 44mm/1RU tall (without mounting options)
  • Weight: ~11.8lbs / 5.4kgs
  • Meets global standards for ROHS 6/6 compliance
  • Internal temperature sensors with temperature-dependent, variable speed, forced-air cooling
  • Removable, cleanable air filtration
  • World-compatible direct AC connection; input voltage: 90-240vAC 50/60Hz, using an IEC320-C13 cable
  • Operating environment: 0°-50°C (32°-122°F) ambient temperature
  • Operating humidity: 25% to 80%, non-condensing
  • Power requirements: 100vAC to 240vAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption & heat: 62 watts (212 BTU/hr) max, 50 watts (171 BTU/hr) during capture
  • UL 60065, 7th Edition, 2006-11-20
  • United States: FCC CFR47 Part 15, Subpart B:2010
  • Canada: ICES-003, ICES-003 Issue 4:2004 / NMB-003
  • Australia/New Zealand: C-Tick: AS/NZS CISPR 13:2004
  • European Union: EMC Directive 2004/108/EC