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Retention & Graduation

Retention and Graduation

Considering the thousands of dollars in costs and the time it takes to recruit students, it’s makes more than good business sense to keep them enrolled and ultimately, successfully complete their education with a diploma in hand. Echo360’s interactive learning tools can make a direct impact on retention and graduation.

Echo360 can also make a direct impact on your bottom line: the revenue generated by retaining just one student through graduation is enough to pay for your Echo360 investment.

  • Help Students Make the Grade: Every student has a different style and a different pace for learning. By making lectures and other course content available on-demand via the EchoSystem, students have the ability to review difficult concepts or to refer back to the recorded lecture to reinforce material presented in class.
  • Monitor Student Progress and Remediate If Necessary: Take the guesswork out of gauging students’ comprehension of course concepts. Integrated analytics within the EchoSystem allow instructors to easily pinpoint areas within a course that need further explanation, to remediate by providing additional content and to assess learning results before students fall behind.
  • Increase Collaboration and Engagement: Interactive features within the EchoSystem encourage student-instructor engagement and collaboration among students, allowing students to benefit from social learning via their peers.