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Stand Above the Rest

It costs you thousands of dollars to recruit new students to your school. And you’re not only competing against schools within your immediate area. Schools out of state and out of the country are all vying for tuition dollars.

What can you do to stand above the rest? Our blended learning technology can help you create additional tools for your recruiting arsenal:

  • Give Students An Early Preview: Use Echo360 to provide potential students with orientations, previews of lectures or mini course overviews so that they can get a sense for your courses and the instructors who teach them. Giving potential students a glimpse into what they can expect at your school allows students to determine early in the recruiting and decision-making process if your school is a match for them. Armed with the additional information you’ve provided, those who choose to attend your school will have a better chance of staying through graduation.
  • Give Students More Options for Enrolling: Attract students who wouldn’t normally be able to attend your school by breaking down two important barriers: schedule and location. With Echo360 it’s easy to time-shift your on-campus classes by creating online or distance learning programs. This opens up a new opportunity – and a new revenue stream – to enroll students from across town or across the globe.
  • Provide Additional Value for Students’ Tuition Dollars: It’s not just the size of classes or the success of the football team that contribute to a potential student’s decision to attend your school. Other factors like the type of academic support they’ll receive also weigh into their decision. Students expect their college or university to provide academic technologies to help them study and learn. Give your students more bang for their tuition buck by offering blended learning tools like Echo360.

Echo360 can help you recruit students who are the right fit for your school which will lead to your ultimate goal of graduating them on time, in their desired major and within their budget.