Changing Lives With Education

From our newest hire to our senior executives, Echo360 employees at every level are donating their time and talents to those in need of a helping hand. Whether it’s using our solution to retrain our veterans or tutoring children after school, everything we do reflects our unwavering commitment to using education to change lives.

100 Hours in the Classroom and Community

All Echo360 employees receive 100 hours of paid service time, giving them time to volunteer in education-related activities.

How Our Employees Help

  • Leslie Silvey
    Senior Communications Manager

    Through the Loudoun Literacy Council, Leslie devotes one evening a week to tutoring a student in a transitional living situation. She has been paired with a third-grade student who needs a little extra help in several of her subjects. As a writer and voracious reader, Leslie is helping her pupil develop a love for reading with a goal of achieving perfect scores (and lots of gold stars) on her spelling tests.

  • Diana Kash
    Executive Assistant to CFO

    Diana’s work with kindergarten students is especially gratifying because this stage in a child’s life marks the beginning of their road to education and is critical for developing good learning habits. She wears many hats as a classroom volunteer by helping children with reading, counting, spelling, computers, and even putting together books to go home to parents at end of grading periods.

    Working for an education company, she’s especially thrilled to see kindergarteners get an early start when it comes to technology in the classroom. “Interactive technology exists in the Promethean Boards and computers they use and the advances of Echo360 will most certainly contribute to the way they will learn in the future. I'm so excited for them and wish my children had been given the same opportunity,” she said.

  • Sara Meates
    Executive Assistant to CEO

    Sara puts her proficiency in Spanish and love for children to good use by volunteering weekly at a local elementary school. Every Friday morning she donates her time to share her passion for reading with students who may be struggling in that area. Many of the students she works with are also ESOL, so her ability to communicate in Spanish helps make learning more fun for them.

  • Eric Harvey
    Senior Solutions Engineer

    Senior Solutions Engineer Eric Harvey can often be seen patrolling the halls of Springfield Park Elementary School as a volunteer with the school’s WATCH D.O.G.S. program.

    The program recruits students’ fathers, grandfathers and uncles to serve as “Heroes of the Hallways” in their local schools. Eric is part of a national father involvement initiative started by the National Center for Fathering aimed at engaging men, inspiring children, putting an end to bullying and enhancing the educational environment at schools across the country.

  • Abhijit Madhugiri
    Vice President of International Business Development

    When he’s not traveling to see clients spread across the globe in his role as Vice President of International Business Development, Abhi spends his free time serving on the Board of a national education non-profit organization, National Youth Leadership Council. By providing service learning content to school districts in the US and other global organization, NYLC’s mission is to empower teachers and enable youth to serve in the communities and programs that matter to them.

    Abhi’s participation as NYLC Vice Chair includes board related activities and other fiduciary responsibilities, in addition to advising the CEO on a variety of topics.

Opening New Doors for Veterans and Wounded Warriors

One of the ways we use our passion for technology and learning is to give back to those who’ve sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. To help retrain these brave military men and women for new careers, Echo360 joined forces with Lunarline to create the non-profit organization, Warrior to CyberWarrior.

This unique program uses Echo360 active learning technology to provide online training and connects America’s returning Veterans and Wounded Warriors to employers in need of qualified cyber security professionals.

Learn More About W2CW

Research Results Drive the Direction of Education Technology

We’ve awarded over a quarter of a million dollars in funding to colleges and universities around the globe to research the impacts of active learning technology in the classroom and beyond.

Our customers’ research findings support all aspects of the teaching and learning mission. They are key to driving new product development and use cases to help transform teaching and learning on a global scale. Watch the video for the results of a flipped classroom study that saw a 5% increase in students’ exam scores.

Read Past Research Results

Helping Young Leaders With a Passion for Social Change

Echo360 is proud to partner with the Global Good Fund, a leading social entrepreneurship organization. The Global Good Fund partners high-potential young leaders focused on driving global social change with industry leading executives. This partnership provides a unique platform for young social entrepreneurs to harness executive leadership insights and mentoring opportunities to help realize their visions and affect true social change.

From use of our technology solutions to one-on-one mentoring by our senior executives, Echo360 is proud of the many ways we are able to support the exponential impact of the Global Good Fund.

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