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Past Recipients

Studies from a Wide Range of Institutions Influencing the Direction of Active Learning
The University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Using Lecture Capture to Create a Blended Learning Experience: Investigating Student Learning in a Flipped, Large Enrollment Course

Georgetown University (USA)

Identifying Effective Lecture Capture Practices to Create and Enhance Blended Learning Opportunities

Curtin University (AUS)

Equity Experience via Echo360 Ensuring Consistency in Lecture Delivery and Quality in an International Business Unit through the Integrative Application of Lecture Capturing Technology

University of Nevada (USA)

Reformatting the College of Education’s Internship Orientation Seminar to be a Blended Online-Face-to-Face Format through the Use of Lecture Capture, Online Technologies, and Contextual Tutelage & Assessment

University of Canterbury (NZ)

Lecturer Adoption of EchoSystem through a Solution Focused Community of Practice

University of Tennessee at Martin

Harnessing Echo360 Lecture Capture to Enhance the Benefits of Blended Learning in an Inverted Classroom Model: Self-Efficacy and Achievement – the “Proof in the Teaching/Learning Pudding.

Investigating Student Study Behaviours in Blended Learning Environments to Enhance Retention


Analysis of Lecture Capture Engagement as a Retention Tool


Toward an Educational Renaissance: The Role of Lecture Capture in Fostering Innovative Learning Environments for Aspiring Health Professionals

Loughborough University

Through the Glass Darkly? Using Lecture Captures as a Vehicle for Curriculum Innovation for Distance Learning Students

McMaster University

Echo360: An Effective Tool for Universal Instructional Design?

University of Sussex

Me2U – Exploring the Effective Use of Echo360 Personal Capture

University of Texas at Austin

Lecture Capturing to Transform Student Learning Opportunities in Large Classes

City University of Hong Kong

Exploring Echo360 Continuance in a Trilingual Environment

McMaster University

Learning Designs for Lecture Capture

An Investigation of Study Behaviours in Learning Environments Supported by Echo360 Lecture Recording Tools