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The Mobile Classroom

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Course Content

By the end of 2016, it is estimated that nine out of 10 undergraduate students of all ages and enrollment types will own a smart phone.* Students live life on the go and they rely on smart phones as well as tablets and laptops to keep them connected wherever they are. They’re constantly texting or updating Facebook and Twitter while on the run.

Shouldn’t mobile access to your lectures and other course content be just as accessible?

Echo360 makes it easy for you to deliver classroom content to Web-enabled mobile devices including Apple iOS and Android devices. And there’s no new technology to learn. Simply record your lectures and Echo360 takes care of optimizing them for smart phones and tablets so that students can access classes while on the go.

You can also use Echo360 to leverage the omnipresent mobile device in your classroom. Our interactive lecture tools make it easy to integrate polls and quizzes into your lectures which students can then respond to in real-time from their mobile devices. This can help you reinforce particular topics or gauge students’ understanding of the material as you present it.

With Echo360, you can use mobile devices to teach students where they are any time, any place and in any setting.

*Source: eMarketer, August 2012