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Measure Usage

Measure Student Usage

How many times have you stopped during class to ask, “Any questions?” and received no response in a room so silent you could hear a pin drop? Surely, there are students out there who need further clarification of course concepts. But if they don’t ask questions during class or schedule a meeting during limited office hours, how can you help them?

Take the guesswork out of evaluating students’ understanding of content with our built-in measurement and assessment tools:

  • Heat Maps: Visual cues within the EchoCenter help you identify areas within the context of a specific recording that students may be having a hard time comprehending, allowing you to remediate as necessary.
  • Viewing Statistics: Whether you’re flipping the class, or teaching a distance or MOOC course, you can see who’s viewed your recordings. Aggregated viewing statistics in the EchoCenter help you better understand your students’ needs by analyzing metrics collected across the course and lecture levels so you can address trouble spots.
  • Discussion Threads: Unlike Facebook, you can review student discussion threads hosted in the EchoCenter, allowing you to weigh-in on discussions, address questions and provide additional content to further clarify concepts covered in your lectures.
  • Google Analytics: Built-in Google analytics offer you valuable insight into your students’ viewing behavior including how they are connecting and which browsers and mobile technologies they’re using to access instructional content.