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Teach The Way You Want to Teach

You’ve dedicated your career to helping students learn. But with the number of new technologies rapidly transforming students’ learning experiences, how do you modify your teaching methods to accommodate changing learning styles?

The beauty is that you don’t have to change a thing. Echo360’s digital tools enable you to extend your instruction to students round-the-clock while simply continuing to teach the same way you always have.

Here are just a few of the ways our blended learning solution can help expand your instruction while making your job easier:

  • Maximize Class Time – Whether you’re flipping the classroom or recording feedback on test results, Echo360 helps you use valuable class time for more engagement, discussions and group learning activities.
  • Improve Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction – Providing students with 24/7 online access to lectures, course materials and collaboration tools has been proven to improve learning outcomes and boost student satisfaction.
  • Customize and Repurpose Your Content – Echo360 gives you the freedom to personalize and record content at your convenience using EchoSystem Personal Capture. Create media-rich presentations, hold “virtual office hours” or prepare students for lab exercises – it’s your choice. You’ll also save time by updating and repurposing content for future courses.
  • Forecast Problem Areas – With built-in analytics, you no longer have to worry about whether students have a firm grasp of course concepts. Using EchoCenter’s detailed statistics, you can predict trouble spots well before they start to impact grades.
  • Technology Simplified – Incorporate technology into your classroom with no additional training required. With our blended learning solution, your content recordings simply start automatically or are just one click away.

With our digital tools, learning is no longer limited to a one-hour period in a lecture hall – your students can now access their education anywhere, anytime.  Leaving you to do what you do best – teach.