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Improve Outcomes

Improve Student Outcomes

You put your heart and soul – not to mention countless hours – into teaching. Your mission is to deliver a successful learning experience and improve outcomes along the way.

How do you know you’ve made a difference?

Let Echo360 help you improve learning outcomes:

  • Research from the University of Sussex found that the ability to review recorded lectures increased student understanding of course material and helped them feel better prepared for assessments.
  • At the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 72% of students said that Echo360 lectures had contributed to their understanding of the subject matter. Students in Echo360-enhanced Calculus courses had a success rate (a grade of C or better) 11% higher than their peers, and received 10% fewer Ds, Fs, or withdrawals.
  • In classes using Echo360, Bergen Community College observed a 10% gain in the average grade with a slight gain in attendance.
  • A pilot study at the University of Birmingham found that the mean score increased by 4% and the failure rate dropped in Echo360-enabled classes.
  • Using lecture podcasts, a nursing course at Central Wyoming College reported a 6.5% increase in exam scores.