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The Flipped Classroom

Creating An Environment for Active Learning

The “flipped” classroom, in which students view lectures online before class, is proving to be an effective approach for creating a classroom environment that encourages interactivity and collaboration.

But flipping can be a lot of work. Not only do you need to make your lectures available in advance, but you may also need to redesign your courses. Echo360 takes the worry out of flipping and provides the foundation to help you create a flipped classroom. With Echo360 you can:

  • Leverage Existing Course Content: If your institution is using Echo360, you may already have an archive of recorded lectures from previous terms. Use this archive as your base for flipping.
  • Easily Create New Content: If you don’t have an archive of recorded lectures you can use our software to create multimedia content from your computer. Echo360 makes the entire process of recording and publishing lectures hassle-free and automated.
  • Distribute Class Assignments In Advance: Students can easily access recorded lectures and other course materials through the EchoCenter from their computer or Web-enabled mobile device. By viewing lectures ahead of time – and, if necessary, repeatedly for better comprehension – students come to class already familiar with the topics to be discussed and are prepared to participate.
  • Promote Interactivity Outside of Class: Using Echo360’s lecture tools you can incorporate quizzes and polls, and encourage digital discussions among students within your recorded lectures.
  • Monitor the Effectiveness of Flipping: Echo360 includes built-in analytics so that you can see if students are viewing assignments in advance. You can also see if particular parts of the lecture have raised discussions online among students, allowing you to more effectively drive discussions during class time.

With Echo360 in the flipped classroom, you can engage in more productive face-to-face exchange with your students and focus on what you do best: designing and teaching the course.