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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Expand Course Offerings and Attract More Students

You’re under increasing pressure to serve more students and increase revenue with fewer resources. One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to expand your course offerings with distance learning or online courses.

Echo360 makes it easy to transform existing lectures, tutorials and course materials into new revenue-generating distance learning courses that can reach students anywhere in the world. Our blended learning technology allows your instructors to deliver a rich online learning experience by enabling them to record lectures – or deliver lectures live with our webcasting feature – as they would be delivered in a typical classroom setting, complete with supporting visuals such as slides and whiteboard notations. Interactive features make it easy for your instructors to engage in new ways with distance learners.

Institutions such as the University of Nottingham and Georgetown University have even used Echo360 to leverage existing course material across multiple campuses at home and abroad.

With Echo360, you can increase your revenue by offering more programs to more students without the constraints of schedule, location or facilities.