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Distance Education

Distance Education

Removing Distance from Distance Learning

The definition of a traditional classroom is changing as rapidly as the definition of a traditional student. With online enrollment at 31.3% of total enrollment* and continuing to grow, the campus classroom is quickly transforming into a virtual one.

Echo360 makes it easy to transform existing courses into distance education classes. Our blended learning technology enables you to provide students who can’t attend classes in person with fundamentally the same dynamic experience and interactivity that you provide your on-campus students. Plus, moving courses online allows you to time shift your courses to meet the scheduling needs of students.

  • Deliver a Rich Learning Experience: Gone are the days of text-based online course content. With Echo360, you can record lectures as they would be delivered in a classroom setting complete with supporting visuals such as slides and whiteboard notations.
  • Easily Move Courses Online: With Echo360, it doesn’t take any additional work to convert and update existing lectures, tutorials and course materials into an online course. And if you need to generate new content, our software allows you to record a lecture right from your computer. Echo360 takes care of everything in the background so there’s no need to learn new technology or become an A/V expert.
  • Interact in New Ways with Distance Learners: Echo360 makes working with distance learners much more dynamic. With Echo360’s interactive lecture tools, you can host online Q&A sessions, launch polls and quizzes, participate in online discussions and even schedule virtual office hours.
  • Monitor Student Progress: Built-in analytic tools allow you to track what students are viewing most frequently and quickly assess what topics most confuse or engage them. You can also gauge students’ grasp of the course materials by monitoring the contextual discussion threads that are created within recordings.

* Source: Babson Survey Research Group, “Going the Distance, Online Education in the United States, 2011,” November 2011.