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Curricular Development

Curricular Development

Helping Instructors Re-Imagine the Classroom

Higher education is evolving. The movement toward more integrative approaches to teaching is prompting you to rethink how your teaching staff designs, builds and delivers education.

How can you take the expertise generated by your instructors and organize and use it to teach students across broad areas of study?

Our blended learning technology allows you to build a catalog of content that can be reused across disciplines and introduced within the context of a student’s course of study. We like to call it “cross pollinating content.” So if students in diverse majors – for example, psychology and business – are required to take statistics, the statistics content that you’ve cataloged can be presented at a meaningful point of learning within their specific courses. 

Echo360 can help you tap into your instructors’ areas of specialties, allowing students to benefit from the instructors’ wide range of expertise even if students aren’t enrolled in a particular course. Instructors can supplement their courses by turning to your catalog of recorded content for complementary lectures or presentations from other instructors.

In addition to the benefits it offers students, Echo360 also enhances professional development and enables peer review. Through the EchoCenter, instructors can review lectures to ensure they are delivering up-to-date content and avoiding redundancy across other classes. 

With Echo360 you can harness the collective knowledge and expertise of your instructors and foster more integration across your course offerings.