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Capture Options

Capture Options

A Breadth of Capture Options:

Considering there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all when it comes to your staff and students, why would you be expected to settle for a single option to capture valuable lectures and content? With Echo360, you have choices in selecting the capture options to best meet your needs for recording both inside and outside of the classroom:

SafeCapture HD:

The fully automated SafeCapture HD allows you to record in-class content for on-demand viewing and host live webcasts for distance students. Learn more about SafeCapture HD.

Classroom Capture

Save time and money by leveraging the technology already in place throughout your institution using Echo360 Classroom Capture on existing classroom and podium computers.

Personal Capture

Using Echo360 Personal Capture, professors have the freedom to create and edit customized instructional content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. 

Media Upload

Echo360’s Media Upload makes it easy for instructors to leverage the vast amount of existing content produced by their institutions, researchers and even students, regardless of what tools were originally capture this content.