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The Blended Classroom

The Blended Classroom

Extend Teaching Beyond the Classroom

The “blended” classroom – which takes the best of face-to-face teaching and mixes it with technologies that engage students before, during and after class – is helping many instructors reach students beyond the traditional classroom. You’ve thought about blending your courses, but does the thought of learning new technology make you think twice?

Enter Echo360. Automated and easy to use, Echo360 captures the teaching already occurring in your classroom and turns it into a digital format ready for students to review and use in their studies. Our blended learning technology allows you to remain focused on teaching and developing your courses rather than becoming a technical or A/V expert. With Echo360 you can:

  • Reach Students Where They Are...: At home, at work or on the go, students don’t need to be physically in class to absorb the material you present in a lecture. By recording and editing your course content, then publishing it through the EchoCenter students can play back lectures and access class materials, anytime, anywhere from any Web-enabled device.   
  • …And Reach More of Them: You’re being asked to teach more students within the demands of stricter and limited budgets. By making lectures, tutorials and course materials available on-demand or by using our live webcasting feature, Echo360 solves the challenges of over-enrolled courses, seating capacity constraints in classrooms and reaching distance learners. You can teach more students at once and with more flexibility to reach them regardless of schedule.
  • Save Time, Improve Efficiency: Echo360 helps you streamline your interaction with students outside of the classroom. Through the EchoCenter you can host live online Q&A sessions or set up virtual office hours to provide help online without requiring students to physically visit your office.
  • Improve Student Learning Outcomes: Make lectures available for on-demand viewing enables students to review difficult concepts and reinforce notes they took in class. Interactive playback features allow students to bookmark sections within the lecture to revisit later and to participate in discussion threads.
  • Monitor Student Progress: Built-in analytic tools and interactive features allow you to quickly assess what topics confuse or engage students by tracking what students are viewing most frequently and if particular sections of lectures spark discussions.

Using Echo360 to blend your classroom enhances face-to-face instruction and allows you to teach and reach students without the limits of time or physical location.