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Annual Results

Annual Results: Blended Learning Whitepaper

Want substantial evidence on whether blended learning technology is worth the investment? Get it directly from front-line users – thousands of students who are actively using Echo360 to augment their learning!

Download the whitepaper and get the inside scoop on what students really think about blended learning.

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What Are Students Really Saying About Blended Learning?

The annual 2011 Student Feedback Loop surveyed 2,835 students from 11 different institutions across the United States and Australia to gauge their views on blended learning and lecture capture technology.

The resulting data was incorporated into a new white paper, Blended Learning Technology: Connecting with the Online-All-the-Time Student. This paper offers valuable insights into students' preferences for delivery of instruction, learning styles and study resources.

Download your copy of the white paper for students' opinions on topics relating to blended learning, including:

  • Blended learning compared to online only instruction
  • Blended learning compared to face-to-face only instruction
  • Use of online study tools
  • Use of social media platforms to support their studies
  • And more...
Watch the Video View the video to learn why blended
learning technology is such a hot topic
on college campuses worldwide.

See what students are saying about blended learning.

Download your free white paper.