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For Academic Administration

Do More. Reach More. Save More.

You have a lot on your plate. You’re charged with maintaining high academic standards, overseeing curriculum development and graduating students on time and in their major. All while finding new ways to generate revenue and meet your budgetary goals.

Hundreds of colleges and universities around the world are using Echo360 to tackle many of the challenges facing academic administrators:

  • Recruitment: Attracting the right students to your school is crucial to your bottom line. We’ve got the tools to help you succeed.
  • Retention & Graduation: It’s not enough for students to enroll in their first class. Your goal is to keep them enrolled through their first year, through their major and eventually through graduation. Learn how Echo360 can help.
  • Distance Learning: Reach more students and create new revenue streams by using Echo360 to convert existing courses into distance learning courses.
  • Curriculum Development: Learn how Echo360 can help you create more integration across your course offerings.
  • Enrollment Challenges: Echo360 can help you overcome overcrowded classrooms and over enrolled courses.
  • Case Studies & Testimonials: See how other schools are using Echo360 to successfully meet their academic and business objectives.